Chapter 34: Flatworms, roundworms, and rotifers.

23 terms by gaikim13

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Muscular tube where food is ingested.

Flame cell

Enclose tufts of beating cilia that resemble flickering candle flames.

Cerebral ganglion

Two clusters of nerve cells at the anterior end serving as a simple brain.


Cup-shaped; locatede near the cerebral ganglia, used to sense intensity and direction of light.


Leaf-shaped flatworms that parasitize many kinds of animals, including humans.


External surface of a fluke.

Primary host

The host from which the adult parasite gets its nourishment and in which sexual reproduction.

Intermediate host

Host from which the larvae derive their nourishment.


Resulting disease causes by schistosome eggs which is fatal.


Knob-shaped organ at the anterior end of tapeworm.


Long series of body sections.


Dormant larvae surrounded by protective coverings.


Worms with long, slender bodies that taper at both ends.


Protective, noncellular layer.


Group of intestinal parasites.


Disease which causes muscle pain and stiffness.


Most common roundworm parasite of humans in the United States.

Filarial worm

Disease-causing roundworms that infect over 250 million people in the tropical countries.


Where limbs become extremely swollen and skin hardens and thickens.


Transparent, free-living animals that live in fresh water, although some live in salt water and damp soil.


Muscular organ that breaks the food into smaller particles.


Common chamber into which the digestive, reproductive, and excretory systems empty.


Unfertilized eggs develop into adult females.

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