SAT Verbs


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to acquiesce
to accept, to consent, to give in,
to ameliorate
to improve, to upgrade
to appease
to soothe, to pacify
to assuage
to alleviate, diminish, take the edge off
to bequeath
to bestow, to leave (possessions) to another
to buttress
to support, to strengthen
to cajole
to persuade, to coax
to confound
to confuse, to amaze
to contract
to make or become smaller
to delineate
to outline, to describe, to explain
to deplore
to condemn, to disapprove of
to devise
to plan, to create, to invent
to disseminate
to distribute, to publicize, to spread
to dissipate
to disperse, to scatter
to embellish
to decorate, to exaggerate
to espouse
to support, to promote, to advocate
to extricate
to get out, to disentangle, to escape
to galvanize
to stimulate, stir to action, to animate
to husband
to be thrifty, to manage resources or finances
to list
to tilt
to malign
to speak evil of, to slander, to criticize unfairly
to mitigate
to alleviate, to diminish, to ease
to mollify
to appease, to calm down, to soothe
to obliterate
to destroy completely, to demolish
to protract
to extend, to prolong, to stretch out
to quell
to subdue, to suppress
to relegate
to demote, to downgrade
to sequester
to isolate, to segregate, to seclude
to spurn
to reject, to scorn, to despise
to vacillate
to waver, to hesitate, to be indecisive
to vindicate
to justify, to prove correct, to clear from blame