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  1. Layer Comp
  2. Create new layer with content
  3. Liquify
  4. Layer effects
  5. Rendering intent
  1. a Gradient overlay, pattern overlay, inner glow, and satin are examples of:
  2. b The way colors are converted from one system to another--from Photoshop to your printer.
  3. c With this filter, you can push, pull, reflect, pucker, or bloat any area of an image.
  4. d Dragging content from another document into the current image will:
  5. e This is a snapshot of current layer visibility, position, and appearance; designers often create multiple compositions of a design layout to show clients.

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  1. Converting an object to this will allow you to alter, transform, and warp your photo, without ruining the original information.
  2. By default, the History palette keeps track of the last ___ commands.
  3. To easily select all anchor points on a path with the Direct Selection Tool, you would click on an anchor point while holding:
  4. This tool allows you to draw freehand selections.
  5. On a histogram, this means that the color value of a pixel has either been pushed to pure black or pure white (all the way left or right); when this happens, that part of the image contains no detail.

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  1. PencilTool that paints the current foreground color and creates a hard edged line


  2. ClickTo use the redeye tool, located under the spot healing brush, activate the tool and ____ on the redeye.


  3. Selection toolsTo select individual parts of a shape, which tool would you use?


  4. Quick mask modeTo create more white space around an image to add more, you should enlarge:


  5. Content aware scaleTool paints whatever you have curently selected in the Pattern picker.


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