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  1. 70
  2. Magnetic lasso
  3. Clone stamp
  4. 20
  5. Bitmap
  1. a With this tool, the selection border snaps to edges of defined areas of an image.
  2. b Images made up of individual pixels, which do not scale well.
  3. c By default, the History palette keeps track of the last ___ commands.
  4. d Copyright term for works created by individuals is the life of the author plus ___ years after death.
  5. e This tool can be used to paint one part of an image over another part of any open document that uses the same color mode.

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  1. Moving the blackpoint slider in the Levels adjustment to the right makes all the colors to the left of it:
  2. To adjust the brightness of midtones in a levels adjustment, drag which colored slider?
  3. To select individual parts of a shape, which tool would you use?
  4. This tool allows you to select in certain shapes, such as oval or rectangle.
  5. To adjust a shape's path, click Path Selection and select this tool.

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  1. Blending modesScreen, color, hard light, multiply, hue, and darken are examples of:


  2. VibranceTo increase the saturation of the colors in an image that are less saturation, while not oversaturating colors that are already very saturation, you can use which adjustment?


  3. Canvas sizeThis tool allows you to draw freehand selections.


  4. Shape layerWhen using the Shape tool, if you select the first option on the Options bar (looks ilke a box), you would create a new:


  5. Selection toolsClone stamp, healing brush, patch