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  1. Blending modes
  2. Shift
  3. Create new layer with content
  4. Pattern stamp
  5. Type
  1. a Tool paints whatever you have curently selected in the Pattern picker.
  2. b Screen, color, hard light, multiply, hue, and darken are examples of:
  3. c Dragging content from another document into the current image will:
  4. d To make a perfect circle with the elliptical marquee, hold this while drawing:
  5. e A layer with a white box and a T in it represents what kind of layer:

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  1. This is a snapshot of current layer visibility, position, and appearance; designers often create multiple compositions of a design layout to show clients.
  2. What color is represented at the far right side of the histogram?
  3. This "negative space" is the space between elements in a composition
  4. This palette will allow you to create a new or pick a preset of layer effects.
  5. This setting affects the edges of a transparent GIF. If set to None, the edges of the graphic will appear jagged when the GIF is placed on a Web page.

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  1. ClippingUse this feature to export layer comps to create a PDF presentation showing multiple versions.


  2. ManyIf a histogram has much black on the left, the image contains ____ dark areas.


  3. Rendering intentThe way colors are converted from one system to another--from Photoshop to your printer.


  4. Soft proofingSoftening a selection's edges by making a boundary between the selection and the pixels behind it.


  5. 20By default, the History palette keeps track of the last ___ commands.