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  1. Shift
  2. White
  3. Automate
  4. Black
  5. Brighter
  1. a To make an image appear sharper, the Unsharp Mask command makes the edge of the bright side:
  2. b What color is represented at the far right side of the histogram?
  3. c Moving the blackpoint slider in the Levels adjustment to the right makes all the colors to the left of it:
  4. d To move a selection while drawing it, hold:
  5. e To create a contact sheet in CS3, click File> _________.

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  1. To reduce the selected layers into one layer, which command would you use?
  2. By default, painting with a black brush in quickmask mode ____ the selection.
  3. This setting affects the edges of a transparent GIF. If set to None, the edges of the graphic will appear jagged when the GIF is placed on a Web page.
  4. This command reverses the colors in an image; brightness values are converted to their opposites.
  5. Tool paints whatever you have curently selected in the Pattern picker.

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  1. Rendering intentScreen, color, hard light, multiply, hue, and darken are examples of:


  2. 256 values of grayA channel can contain:


  3. Replace colorTo temporarily switch to the Hand Tool and move the image, hold down:


  4. Healing brushWith this paintbrush setting, paint builds up as you hold down the mouse button.


  5. Retouching toolsThis function lets you change hue/saturation of certain colors; you adjust the fuzziness to select more or less of the color.