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  1. Delete/Backspace
  2. White
  3. Flat
  4. Gray
  5. Pencil
  1. a Tool that paints the current foreground color and creates a hard edged line
  2. b A file with just one background layer is referred to as a ____ file.
  3. c To adjust the brightness of midtones in a levels adjustment, drag which colored slider?
  4. d What color is represented at the far right side of the histogram?
  5. e To remove the last segment when drawing a selection with the magnetic lasso, press this:

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  1. This is a snapshot of current layer visibility, position, and appearance; designers often create multiple compositions of a design layout to show clients.
  2. RGB images have ___ bits of information per channel, and an image bit depth of 24.
  3. On a histogram, this means that the color value of a pixel has either been pushed to pure black or pure white (all the way left or right); when this happens, that part of the image contains no detail.
  4. With this paintbrush setting, paint builds up as you hold down the mouse button.
  5. Copyright term for works created by individuals is the life of the author plus ___ years after death.

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  1. ClickTo use the redeye tool, located under the spot healing brush, activate the tool and ____ on the redeye.


  2. TypeA layer with a white box and a T in it represents what kind of layer:


  3. ShiftWhat color is represented at the far right side of the histogram?


  4. ShiftTo make a perfect circle with the elliptical marquee, hold this while drawing:


  5. LiquifyWith this filter, you can push, pull, reflect, pucker, or bloat any area of an image.