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Investigating God's World, ch. 1


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a search for the laws of nature & for ways to use them for the benefit of mankind
field guides
books that show pics & give info about the trees, birds, insects, rocks, shells, stars, mammals, flowers, & other objects of nature that are all around you
range maps / range
show the location of a plant or animal, or where on the continent it is found
magnifying lens
the tool that helps detectives most
a plant that holds thousands of "pots of gold", chief source of pollen & necter for insects in the fall
the transfer of pollen from male parts to female parts of plants
after the pollination, tiny sperm cells in the pollen unite w/ the undeveloped seeds at the base of the female part
the yellow "dust" that flowers use in producing seeds
a sweet liquid that flowers make in order to attract insects
pollen baskets
where the honeybee puts the honey on her hind legs
male bees have no stinger & don't work
female bees that mate & lay eggs
female bees that don't mate & lay eggs
about 2x the size of the honeybee
sleeps through the winter, one way a bumblebee survives the winter
yellow jacket
kind of paper wasp, usually makes her nest underground in a hole abandoned by a mouse or a bumblebee
which are also paper-making wasps, make their nest above the ground
egg-laying part, female's stinger
a honeybee will die a few hours after it looses this
discovered pollination
green plants
make their own food; a food chain almost always begins w/
define food chain - what does it begin with and why?
a series of plants & animals each depending on the next for food - green plants because they make their own food
viceroy butterfly
resembles the bittertasting monarch butterfly so closely that birds usually leave her alone
the close resemblance of 1 plant or animal to another for some purpose
larvae of butterflies & moths
an immature insect that doesn't look like the adult
means to move from 1 place to another w/ the changing seasons
American hover fly
looks very much like a yellow jacket
drone fly
larvae of flies
bee killer and give an example
has no fear of honeybees or of anything that resembles a honeybee - robber fly
true bug
bug designed w/ piercing-sucking mouthparts & 2 pairs of wings that cross to form a large V or X
praying mantis
color of the stems & leaves, & so long & narrow, it can be mistaken for a twig
hard egg cases
wat gardeners purchase from garden shops bc they're such good hunters when they hatch
The young mantises are called ___________ rather than larvae, since they look like the adults
beatle larvae
locust borer
beetle that's considered harmful bc its grubs feed on the sapwood of the black locust tree
goldenrod soldier beetle
beneficial insect bc the grubs eat grasshopper egs, small caterpillars, & harmful beetles; adults eat pollen, nectar, & small insects
composite family
the largest family of flowering plants
made of many parts
flower head
the part of the daisy that we usually call the flower's really not one flower but hundreds of flowers
the yellow center of the daisy
disk flowers
tiny tube-shaped flowers, a complete flower able to make its own seed
ray flowers
surrounding the disk flowers of the daisy, each one actually a flower
black-eyed Susan
What flower ooks like a daisy w/ yellow ray flowers & w/ disk flowers that form a brown cone in the center
painted lady butterfly
called the thistle butterfly because it often lays its eggs on this plant
cheerful yellow bird builds its nest late in summer, just when the thistle's beginning to go to seed
hay fever
pollen causes some people to have pollinosis, if the wind carries it to the nose of a person who's allergic to it, & he'll develop
William Carey
one of the pioneer missionaries to India
the ability to blend in with the background - ambush bug, goldenrod spider
an animal without a backbone
has eight legs and two body parts
goldenrod spider
makes a silken egg sac to lay eggs for the winter
what part of the animals in the world are beetles
1/4 or one quarter
Name 3 characteristics of beetles
tough armor, chewing mouth parts, tough wing covers
a composite that causes hayfever
an animal that captures and eats a prey in the food chain
What is a predator?
the animal that is captured by the predator in the food chain
What is prey?
Insects migrate, insects hibernate or insects die
What happens to insects during seasonal changes and when cold weather arrives?
What prickly plant has a fragrant purple flower head?
What plant is often confused with the goldenrod?
the queen bee
What bee mates and lays eggs?
Which bee hibernates?
Can a bug chew its food?
How many body parts does an insect have?
Tough skin (armor)
How can you tell if an insect is a beetle?
What plant has more than one flower head per stem and its ray flowers range from blue and purple to white
How many pairs of wings does a bee have?