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to get rid of

What does veto mean,?


what year was the constitution signed,?


when was the war of 1812,?


who was the Native American cheif who helped the brititsh in 1812,?


what does micro mean,?

areas right outside or "under" cities

what is suburbs,?


a place where trade occures


what kind of economy is our goverentment,?


owning all the businesses in a certian field,?


what is the X axis on a supply and demand graph,?


what is the Y axis on a supply and demand graph,?

the amount of something you have.

what does supply mean,?

George Washington

who was the president at the beginning of the American Revolution,?

John Wilkes Booth

who killed Abraham Lincoln,?

the beleif in U.S destined to move west.

what is manifest destiny

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