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Ancient Rome Civilization

What natural disaster occurred on the Bay of Naples in Ad 79? How did this create one of the greatest archaeological sites ever studied?
Mt. Vesuvius erupted. It preserved everything including bodies and buildings
What have archeologists learn about life at the height of the Roman Empire from the excavations at Pompeii?
wealthy people decorated their houses with morals and mosaic. wealthy poeples home were built around a courtyard. non-wealthy peoples home were arranged along narrow streets.
What technique did archeologists learn about life at the height of the Roman Empire from the excavations at Pompeii?
they used a republic to govern. they learned how the people there lived.
What legend tells us about the founding of Rome?
when the god mars had two sons Romulus and Remus his evil uncle threw them into a river and a she-wolve raised them. Rome is named after Romulus. He was the first king.
How was the Roman goverment organized under the republic? What influence has the Roman Republic had upon modern goverments like that of the United States?
it had a senate two concils and a voting system. Checks and balances was how government was organized. Three branches of government.
What role did the Roman forum play in the life of the city?
worshiped gods there, center government meetings, shopped, and talked to leaders.
Why was Julius Caesar assassinated by members of the Roman senate? Who succeed him as Empire unified?
they thought he was too powerful. His adopted son agustus brought peace.
How extensive was the Roman Empire? Why was a system of roads critcal to keeping the Empire?
all roads led to rome. no matter what road you took you were in the roman empire. over 50,000 miles long.
Ancient Romans were clecer engineers. Describe some of their most significant engineering successes in the building of Rome.
sewers, compact system of aqueducts, and channels.
Describe some of the discoveries archaeologists have made at Hadrian's Wall on the empire's northern frontier.
roman coin, babys shoe, tiny peices of wood with latin words, and built to keep barbarians out.
What was the offical language of the Roman empire? How has the language of the Romans influenced modern languages?
latin. influenced french, spanish, portugese, and italian.
Describe some of the foods served at the banquet in ancient Rome?
olives, pig, cake, custard, snails, wine, stuffed door mice, fish, fruit, and quail.
What pastimes did children enjoy in ancient Rome? How were boys and girls educated?
played marbles and hide and go seek. pets such as birds, cats, and dogs. girls married young to older men. boys graduated school at 16 and had a party for becoming an adult.
Describe the Colosseum and the popular events that took place there.
if you lasted 3 years, and not killed,you were free. it was sometimes filled with water and they would have sea battles. only for slaves and criminals.
Why did the Emperor Diocletain divide the Empire into two parts? To whom did the western half of the Empire fall?
wanted it to be more managible. it fell to the barbarians.Alexander the Great took over.