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Male and Female Reproductive system

the female sex cell
the male sex cell
the joining of a sperm and an egg
the process by which living things produce new individuals of the same type.
a fertilized egg
carries the information that controls inherited characteristics.
Is the following true or false? A sex cell has the same number of chromosomes as a body cell.
sperm, testorones
What is the male reproductive system specialized to produce?
organ were sperm is produced.
the development of physical characteristics in mature men
What does testosterone control?
The testes are located in an external pouch of skin called the _____________.
Is the following true or false? Sperm can develop normally only in slightly cooler temperatures than normal body temperature.
place for sperm to move and swim
What does semen provide to sperm?
Semen leaves the body through an organ called the _______________.
role is to produce eggs and nourish a developing baby until birth. (produce egg once a month)
What is the role of the female reproductive system?
eggs, estrogen
What do ovaries produce?
the development of some adult female characteristics.
What does estrogen control?
_______________ produces an egg cell.
fellopian tube
the egg cell moves the ______________ where it can be fertilized.
The egg enters the _________________ where is stays to develop if it's fertilized.
An unfertilized egg begins to break down and enters the muscular passageway leading to the outside of the body called the __________, or birth canal.
How often is an egg released from the ovaries?
menstrual cycle
The monthly cycle of changes that occurs in the female reproductive sytem is called the ____________________.
an egg develops in an ovary, have a period and blood occurs from uterus
What occurs during the menstrual cycle?
the menstrual cycle prepares the body for ___________________, the condition that begins after fertilization has taken place.
process in which blood and tissue from the brokendown lining of the uterus pass through the vagina.
release of a mature egg from an ovary.
mix of sperm cells and fluids.
triggers development of female physical characteristics
triggers development of male sex characteristics.
when sperm and an egg join together
what is sexual reproduction?
to produce sperm and hormones
what are sexual structures and functions of the male reproductive system?
to produce eggs and estrogen
what are the structures and functions of the female reproductive system?
the female has her period
what events occur during the menstrual cycle?
they add up making a zygote with 46 chromosomes and produce a new human being
what happens to the number of chromosomes when a male sex cell and a emale sex cell join?
what is the pouch of skin in which the testes are located?
passageway for eggs to travel to uterus.
what is the role of the fallopian tube?
how often is an egg released from an ovary?
sperm and egg
What specialized cells are produced in the male and female reproductive system?
produce sperm and hormones
What is the function of the male reproductive system?
produce eggs and estrogen
What are the structure of the female reproductive system?
release the egg to fallopian tube
What are the functions of the ovaries?
when the egg is released into fallopian tube.
At what point in the menstrual cycle does ovulation occur?
by letting it self get in side the egg
How does a sperm's structre help it function?
not participating in sex.
being pure, clean, free from all sexual activities.
sexual immorality
sexual before marriage intercourse
sexual intercourse
male repro. organ and female repro. organ
God created sex so that man and woman would ______________.
fruitful, multiply
God blessed them and said to them, be ______________ and _____________.
impurity, improper
" But among you there must be not even a hint of _______________... for these are ___________ for God's holy people."
sexual immorality, control, impure, holy
It is God's will... that you should avoid ________________, that each of you should learn to _____________ his own body in a way that is holy and honorable...Fpr God did not call us to be __________, but to live a ____________ life.
ran away from temptation.
let temptation over run him.
_____________ from sexual immorality.
so, according to God's word, sex before marriage is ______________. Still, you've got a long way to go before you get married and sexual influences are all around you!
captive, Christ
see to it that no one takes you ____________ through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basis principles of this world rather than on _____________.
___________ between husband and wife.
husband and wife will become _________ flesh.
pregnancy disease
what are some of the physical consequences of sex?
male, female
sexual reproduction is the joining of ________ and ____________ sex cells.
sex, eggs, sex, sperm, fertilization
female ______________ cells are called ______________.male _________ cells are called __________ they join in the process of ___________.
egg, zygote
a fertilized _________ is called a _____________.
sperm, testosterone, puberty
(Male Reproductive System) produce ___________ and __________________ ( a hormone) beginning at start of ________________.
organs, testes, scrotum, penis
What are the 4 male sex organs?
What organ produce and store sperm?
testes, puberty
Testerosterone is produced by ______________, released during _____________.
facial, voice, shoulders, sperm, growth
controls growth of _____________ hair, deepening ___________, broadening ______________, ___________ production, sex organ ____________.
The scrotum is a ____________ of _____ containing testes.
outside the body
Where is the scrotum located?
urethra, sperm, urine
The penis contains the __________ through which BOTH __________ and ___________ pass.
Sperm production starts in ___________ years(puberty)
fluids, semen
Sperm joins with other _____________ to form _____________.
20, 100, once
(Penis) _______-__________ million sperm released at ___________, but almost all die
DNA, gender, x, y
sperm contains father's ___________ and determine baby's ______________(either ______ or ________ chromosomes)
eggs, nourish, baby
(Female reproductive system) produce __________ and ___________ a developing __________.
ovaries, tubes, uterus, vagina
(Female reproductive system)includes ___________, fallopian ____________, _____________ and _____________.
structure that produce and release 1 egg a month
What is the ovaries?
widen hips, breast
What does estrogen hormone do to womens body?
passageway, egg, fertilized
fallopian tubes---- __________________ for _________ to travel to uterus; where the egg is ______________.
Where does the baby develop? (get larger)
lining, uterus
the _____________ of the ____________ thickens to prepare to nourish the developing zygote.
the ______ is released from the overies.
blood, tissue, menstruation
the extra __________ and ___________ meant to nourish the fertilized egg passes out of the body, which is called ______________.
At what age does Menopause Naturally STOP?
hormones in the endoctrine
What is menstraul cycle triggered by?
At what age does Menstraul Cycle begin?
What happens when an eggs is fertilized ?
2-3 day window
What is the window for fertalizatin?
in one of the ovaries
Were does the eggs develops?
ovaries,fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina
What are the 5 organs of the female reproductive system?
smooth muscels
What muscles prevent the urine from flowing when sperm is passing through.(no mixing)
to keep spem at cooler temperture
Why is the scrotum located outside the body?
What is the hollow muscular oran?
to wall of the uterus
Where does fertilized eggs attached to?
The vagina is a muscular _________ from the UTEROUS to the outside of the womens body.