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Any factor that can have more than one value.
Independent Variable
The Factor that you want to test, and can be changed by the investigator.
Dependent Variable
The factor you observe or measure.
Experimental Group
Used to study how a change in the independent variable changes the dependent variable.
Control Group
The independent variable is not changed.
When the independent variable is changed
The dependent variable changes
Year hikers discovered iceman
helps scientists more thoroughly investigate mysteries in nature
Music Professer
who the scientists thought the iceman was
Reasons Iceman is not Music Professor
Artifacts, buried near by town, radiocarbon dating
Years the iceman had been dead
Hop Hornbeam Pollen
What was found in the iceman's digestive tract.
Found in iceman's left shoulder
Why not proven
Because it was too long ago and no one was around to witness what happened.
Iceman had traveled to higher elevations when he got in a conflict and was killed by an arrowhead.
Season when the iceman is believed to die.