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Ally is driving down a dark country road when she catches a glimpse of something on the side of the road. Thanks to her _____ ______of visual perception, Ally recognizes that the object is moving in her direction. (2 words)

dorsal stream

There was a patient DF. Her lower temporal lobes were damaged in the visual cortex area. What can't she do?

she can't identify objects anymore

Even though a friend may change hairstyle and colour, we can both notice the differences and recognize our friend because of _____ _____ (2 words)

perceptual constancy

Kevin correctly judged that his car was parked farther from his classroom than his friend's car because he perceived his car as smaller than his friend's car. His brain was making use of a monocular cue called

relative size

Railways tracks seem to converge in the distance, an example of the monocular depth cue known as ...

linear perspective

Because the brown bear is partially obscured by the car Nick assumes that the car is closer to him than the bear. Nick is depending on the cue called


Misty is standing at the edge of a field of flowers. She perceives the flowers lower in her visual field as closer than the flower higher in her visual field due to

relative height in the image

As illustrated by the Ames room illusion, if you perceive that two objects - "A" and "B" are an equal distance from you, yet object a casts "A" larger image on your retina you will conclude that

object A is larger

The successively flashing lights of a Las Vegas casino produce a perceptual response similar to that of an animated movie, meaning that it is apparent movie. It is just flashing lights that produce a perceptual response because of the

phi phenomenon

As the number of cycles per second of a soundwave increases, we experience a

higher pitch sound

Sound wave frequency is to pitch as ______ is to _____

amplitude, loudness

You hear the same note played at the same loudness by a flute and by a trumpet. What do you experience?

different sound qualities

What causes the ear drum to vibrate?

sound waves

Which of the following sequences lists the parts of the human ear in the order in which sound waves travel through them from the environment?

pinna, auditory canal, ear drum, ossicles, cochlea, (hair cells), auditory nerve, brain.

Hammer, anvil, and stirrup are known collectively as the


Specialized auditory receptor neurons embedded in the basilar membrane are called

hair cells

The cochlea resembles a


The portion of the temporal lobe that contains the primary auditory cortex is


Wherever the cochlea is wide, the basilar membrane is narrow. Wherever the cochlea is narrow, the basilar membrane is


Cochlear base is to cochlear tip as ______ is to _______.

high frequency, low frequency

When Taylor stepped on a piece of broken glass at the beach, she initially felt a sudden stinging pain which was transmitted by her

A-delta fibres

When Brent was stung by a jellyfish at the beach, the throbbing dull pain he still felt hours later was carried by

C fibres

A mismatch between information processed by visual feedback and information processed by vestibular cues can cause

motion sickness

Your friend tells you her phone number. Hearing, thinking about, and translating the phone number to place it in your memory is an example of en


You learn French in high school ten years ago. You travel to Paris and at the airport a customs officer asks you a question in French. You recall the correct answer from your study of the language and answer the officer. This is an example of one of the functions of memory called


When Paul studies for a psychology test, he tries to remember important terms by relating them to his past experiences and knowledge. He is using the strategy of

elaborative encoding

Anthony is given a list of 20 objects to memorize in order. Anthony imagines a walk from home to school and pictures one of the objects on each street corner, an example of

visual encoding

When you are at the supermarket, you find it much easier to remember the food items you need when you put them into the groups of fruit, veggies, and meat. The process you are using to create and recall memories is

organizational encoding

While cramming for a psychology exam, Hannah finds that if she thinks about the meaning of terms and tries to use them in examples, she learns them much better. What is the technique Hannah is using to improve her memory of the terms?

semantic judgments

During semantic judgments, the _________ is active. (4 words)

lower left frontal lobe

During organizational judgments, the_______ is active (4 words)

upper left frontal lobe

During visual judgments, the _________ is active. (2 words)

occiptal lobe

Jorge uses semantic judgment in encoding a set of new terms he encountered in his biology class. MRI studies reveal that the part of his brain likely to be most active during this process is the

frontal lobe

Brittany is daydreaming in class when her instructor asks her a question. Brittany finds herself replaying in her mind's ear the instructor's last words, taking advantage of a process called

echoic memory

Steven asked me a question while we were eating dinner at the dining hall. Just after he finished asking the question, my attention was distracted by Thomas who stood up, walked to the dessert table, and came back with my favourite cheesecake. While I was looking at Thomas' plate, I turned back to Steven; however, I no longer could remember what he asked me just 45 seconds earlier. The reason I could no longer remember was probably that the memory was lost from the

short term memory store

Short term memory can hold approximately _ meaningful items.


A second grade teacher gave her students some homework. The homework was to learn as many digits as possible of the math constant pi. The student who memorized the most digits for the next day would receive a reward. Which piece of advice would most help the students with their homework?

chunk the digits together

Short term memory is to working memory as ____ is to _____

place, process

The case of HM is a documented case of a patient whose speech skills and intelligence were unaffected by the removal of parts of his temporal lobes but who could not form new long term memory. Which disorder did HM have?

anterograde amnesia

Lyndsay's epileptic seizures were becoming such a problem that her mother decided that the brain surgery her doctor had recommended was the best way to stop the seizures. During the operation, the hippocampus and adjacent structures of the medial temporal lobe would be removed. Lyndsay suffered a terrible consequence as a result of the surgery. She could not remember anything that happened prior to the operation. This condition is called

retrograde amnesia

The brain structure that is believed to act as an index linking information together is the


Damage to the hippocampus would be least likely to cause a 30 year old male to forget:

make and model of his car at 16

Professor B. Slate develops a drug that can erase specific memories of traumatic experiences. When should this drug be administered? (when he is doing what)

when the patient is recalling the traumatic experience

Short term storage is to long term storage as enhanced neurotransmitter release is to

growth of new synapses

Which of the following neurotransmitters binds to the NMDA receptor site and excites the post synaptic neuron?


While sitting at the table, Jenna thought of an extremely funny joke. She walked into the living room to call her best friend Cynthia. Unfortunately, on her way there she forgot the punch line of the joke. To help herself remember, she went back to the kitchen table and remembered the line. What helped jog Jenna's memory?

encoding specificity

March 18, 2013
Whenever Andrea goes to the library to study she always takes a red bull energy drink with her and drinks it while she studies. As the semester progresses, she notices that she does considerably better on an exam when she drinks a red bull during the exam. She does better because of

state dependence retrieval

Monique wanted to find a fun way to help her students prepare for their forthcoming history exam. She decided to create a game show with questions about different countries and their governments. What type of memory is this associated with

semantic memory

Tara, a professional ice skater, had a bad accident that resulted in some memory loss. However, after she was released from the hospital she could skate as well as before. Although she could not remember when and how she learned to skate, her skating proficiency was intact. This success is probably due to what kind of memory (implicit)

procedural memory

After watching a program about the Revolutionary war, participants were more likely to remember that Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning was electricity even though this was not discussed in the program due to


Conceptual priming is to perceptual priming as the frontal lobe is to the

visual cortex

Someone shown a picture of Babe Ruth then asked to complete the word ball will be more likely to respond baseball than football or basketball, illustrating this is

conceptual priming

Rachel was asked the following questions: What is the biggest celebration you have ever attended, when does Labour Day occur. Rachel answered that the biggest celebration she had ever attended was her brothers bar mitzvah and that Labour Day was the first Monday in September. Her answers to both questions were part of her _____ memory. (explicit or implicit)


Hafa just completed a course in calculus. Based on knowledge about the curve of forgetting, we can predict that most of what Hafa will forget about calculus will occur

shortly after completing the course

Betty loved her college days and remembers everything about the campus. When she goes back for Homecoming however, she gets lost trying to find East Hall. Betty is probably experiencing the

transcience of memory

The impairment of memory for recently learned information by previously learned information is known as

proactive experience

The impairment of memory for previously learned information by newly learned information is known as

retroactive interference

Michelle, whose first language is Spanish, is currently learning French in college. When she goes to see her Spanish speaking grandmother, she inserts French words into her Spanish. Michelle is experiencing

retroactive interference

In contemplating her busy schedule over breakfast, Professor Morgan forgets that she has to meet with a textbook representative at 2 pm, illustrating a failure in?

prospective memory due to absent mindedness.

Danielle is playing Trivial Pursuit and is asked to name the 7 castaways on Gilligan's Island. She names all but one. She feels sure she knows the name and thinks the first initial is G, but she cannot come up with the answer. Danielle is experiencing a kind of blocking which is called the

tip of the tongue phenomenon

In 1995 the Murray Federal Building in Oklahoma was bombed in an act of terrorism. The police sketch shows john Doe 2 who was originally thought to have been the culprit Timothy McVeigh's partner. It was alter determined the witness confused the different memories of the men. This is due to

memory misattribution

Maria was certain she recognized the waiter at the restaurant but in fact she had never seen him before. This type of memory misattribution is known as

false recognition

Chad recalls that Jack the Ripper was a serial killer who terrorized London in 1888 but he has no idea if he originally learned this info from a book, the TV, a movie, or a story from another person. Chad is experiencing a failure of

source memory

3 weeks ago, Sandra came home to find an armed robber in the house. When she walked in the door, the man pushed past her and fled the premises. Sandra's sister, Amy, was unloading groceries from the car and said she thought the man had wavy black hair. When Sandra goes in to view a lineup, the man who robbed her is in the lineup; however, Sandra picks a similar man who has wavy black hair instead of the robbers light brown hair. Her mistake illustrated the concept of


Sam recalls the football team of his University days and the great season the team had in his senior year. In fact, the record was a losing one - the first in many years. Sam's memory of it as more successful than it actually was is probably due to


When Keith was asked to recall how he felt at the beginning of his current relationship with his wife Jonie, his recollections were more similar to his present day feelings than they actually were at the time. This illustrates the memory phenomenon known as

consistency bias

Sometimes we exaggerate the difference between what we feel or believe now and what we felt or believed in the past. This phenomenon is knows as

change bias

After a near fatal collision with an 18-wheeler, Penelope was unable to think about anything else for many months. She suffered the memory phenomenon known as


___________ involves making direct observations of the world whereas _______involves relying on assumptions and beliefs about the world.

empiricism, dogmatism

Professor Kim creates a frequency distribution of exam scores from her class of 300 students. Possible scores on the exam ranged from 0 to 100. What should be displayed on the X and Y axis?

X axis each possible score, Y axis frequency of each score

Five extremely tall members on the college basketball team are among 30 students in an intro psych class. If I a frequency distribution of height was taken the distribution would be

positively skewed

If the dean wants to measure the research productivity of the seven members of the psychology department, which mode of measurement would paint a misleading picture of the research productivity of the department.


Billy bobs big burger barn is your favorite restaurant, and lately you've noticed that everytime you walk by there on your way to class you mouth starts to salivate. In this incidence of classical conditioning the sight of the _____ is the CS, your_____ is the CR.

restaurant, salivation

When a drug of abuse such as heroine is injected the entire setting [the drug paraphernalia] (the needles, the room, the lighting, etc) can become a _________and illicit responses in opposition to the drug. (type of stimulus)

conditioned stimulus

What happens to you If you take a drug in a new setting where there Is no conditioned stimuli

possible death

Accustomed to the sound of the old can opener, your cat still rushes to her food dish even when she hears the sound of the new can opener for the first time. Your cat is exhibiting ___________ because the old can opener is the old CS and the new can opener is the new CS but is similar enough to the old CS that the cat produces the CR to the new CS even though it's never heard it before.


Your new blender makes a sound somewhat similar to the can opener, but your cat doesn't even get up. She is exhibiting _______


9 month old Albert cried when a large steel bar was struck with a hammer at the same time he was presented with a white rat. In this acquisition phase, the white rat was the (ype of stimulus)

conditioned stimulus

Not only did Little Albert learn to fear white rats, he also cried when presented with a Santa Claus mask or a seal fur coat. This behaviour was the result of

stimulus generalization

You usually don't eat sushi but you try it again one day. You do like and regularly consume chocolate cake which you eat after the sushi. Later that night you get sick to your stomach. According to the Restorla/Wagner model, what is the most likely outcome?

avoiding sushi in the future

Which of the following groups of people could acquire a conditioned response under trace conditioning?

people in a vegetated state

What principle describes why the taste and smell stimuli that produce food aversions in rats do not work with most species of birds?

biological preparedness

Every time Kacie the dog whine, her owners give her a doggie treat. As a result of her clueless owners, Kacie is a very whiny dog, illustrating the effect of

operant conditioning

reinforcement is always


punishment is always


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