Physical Science Unit Study Guide

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Includes all information for test on April 23rd EXCEPT DRAWINGS.


Speed with direction


Product of an object's mass and its velocity.

Balanced Force

Net force on object equals zero.

Unbalanced Force

Net force does NOT equal zero.


Force of 2 objects, in contact, that oppose movement of the other.


Force of attraction between 2 objects.


Tendency of an object to remain at rest or in motion at a constant velocity.

Free Fall

Motion of body when gravity is acting on it.

Terminal Velocity

Maximum velocity reached by a falling object that occurs when the resistance of the medium is equal to the force due to gravity.

A person walks 1000 meters in 15 minutes. What is the person's speed?

Speed = Distance/Time
1000/15= 66.67m/s

What is the SI unit for Length?


What is the SI unit for Mass?


What is the SI unit for Volume?


What is the SI unit for Temperature?


What is the SI unit for Time?



20100 m
.0000014 g

2.01 × 10 ⁴ m
1.4 × 10 ⁺⁶ g


5.63 g into µg
10 g into kg

5630000. µg
.010 kg

Determine the number of sig figs in the following numbers

1. 1025028
2. .0002
3. 1000.
4. 1000
5. 1.02000

1. 7
2. 1
3. 4
4. 1
5. 6

I have counted and there are 25 people in a class. (Focus on the number 25 in this sentence.) How many sig figs are there?


What does Fa stand for?

Applied Force

What does Fg stand for?

Force due to Gravity

What does Ff stand for?

Force due to Friction

What does FN stand for?

Normal force

What does FNET stand for?

Net force

Review the elevator question. You must be able to label why something is positive (applied force) and something is negative (Opposite direction of the applied force).

FNET= -960 N (The force is negative because it is in the opposite direction of the motion of the system. Think about this. The elevator is going up. The opposite of up is down. That is the same as 215 pounds!)

Explain what is wrong with the following sentence: A man walked at a velocity of 12 m/s.

There is no direction.

A girl participating in cross-country spends the afternoon practicing, and ends the practice completely tired from her hard work, despite the fact that her average velocity during the practice was 0.0 m/s. Explain how this situation is possible.

She ran back to where she started, so technically there was no displacement.

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