Governmental Accounting--Ch. 4 Journal Entries (part 2)

D-Investments, C-Cash
to record the purchase of investments
D-Expenditures, C-Due to Internal Service Fund
to record an interfund transaction: purchase of supplies from an internal service fund
D-Due from Special Revenue Fund, C-Expenditures
to record correcting an error (for our purposes, assume that an expenditure recorded earlier in the General Fund should have been recorded in the Special Revenue Fund. Upon catching the error, this entry would be recorded.)
D-Expenditures, C-Due to General Fund
to record correcting an error: the Other Fund
D-Transfer to Debt Service Fund, C-Due to Debt Service Fund
to record ordering a transfer
D-Due from General Fund, C-Transfer from General Fund
to record ordering a transfer: the Other Fund
D-Due from Special Revenue Fund, C-Transfer from Special Revenue Fund
to record a transfer to the General Fund
D-Transfer to Enterprise Fund, C-Cash
to record a transfer being paid
D-Reserve for Encumbrances, C-Encumbrances, D-Unreserved Fund Balance, C-Reserve for Encumbrances
to record the closing entries that close the encumbrances accounts for the year.