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Contemporary Art

Prier's lecture over contemporary art.
Naked Man, Banksy
Charles Manson Hitchhiking to anywhere, Banksy
Maid, Banksy
Stop and Search, Banksy
Dove of Peace, Banksy
Rubble, Bolin
Phonebooth, Bolin
Artillery, Bolin
Grafitti, Bolin
Maman, Bourgeois
Arch of Hysteria, Bourgeois
Vietnam Memorial, Lin
Civil Rights Memorial, Lin
2x4, Lin
Worms Eye, Murray
Stirring Still, Murray
Bop, Murray
Double Tail, Orozco
Hands are my heart, Orozco
Black Kites, Orozco
Pinched Ball, Orozco
Falling Bough, Ford
Cabin Boy, Ford
Nila, Ford
On Set, Wegman