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Prier's lecture over contemporary art.

Naked Man, Banksy

Charles Manson Hitchhiking to anywhere, Banksy

Maid, Banksy

Stop and Search, Banksy

Dove of Peace, Banksy

Rubble, Bolin

Phonebooth, Bolin

Artillery, Bolin

Grafitti, Bolin

Maman, Bourgeois

Arch of Hysteria, Bourgeois

Vietnam Memorial, Lin

Civil Rights Memorial, Lin

Worms Eye, Murray

Stirring Still, Murray

Bop, Murray

Double Tail, Orozco

Hands are my heart, Orozco

Black Kites, Orozco

Pinched Ball, Orozco

Falling Bough, Ford

Cabin Boy, Ford

Nila, Ford

On Set, Wegman

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