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Voodoo Economics

Reagan promised an "across the board" reduction in income tax rates and capital gains tax rates; George H.W. Bush named this supply-side policy, ______ ________

George McGovern

1972 Democrat nominee; Vietnam conflict; South Dakota; pull troops out in 90 days; Thomas Eagleton (his VP) had undergone psychiatric care, cost him the election

Boll Weevil Democrats

Southern Conservative Democrats wooed to Reagan's side

The Focus of Evil

According to Reagan, the Soviet Union

Strategic Defense Initiative

Star Wars; high-tech missile defense system aimed as orbiting battle stations in space to fire laser beams; defensive, which upset many people

Mikhail Gorbachev

1985 Soviet chairman communist party; glasnost & perestroika


"openness"; free speech & some political liberty to ventilate


"reconstruction"; free-market practices of the capitalist West

Ferdinand Marcos

Dictator of the Philippines, America supported Corazon Aquino in his overthrow 1986

Corazon Aquino

Overthrew Marcos in the Philippines w/ American support 1986

Casper Weinberger

Indictment during Iran-Contra scandal = America sold weapons to Iran in hopes of freeing American hostages in Lebanon & aided the Contras in Nicaragua, even though Congress did not allow this; presidential pardon

The Moral Majority

Against sexual permissiveness, abortion, feminism, and spread of gay rights; 2 - 3 million voters; radio, direct mail, televangelists to reach people in the 80s, millions of dollars, conservative

Jerry Falwell

Reverend evangelical minister who formed the Moral Majority

Webster v. Reproductive Health Services

Upheld a Missouri law that set restrictions on abortions; states can legislate in an area previously forbidden

Planned Parenthood vs Casey

States can restrict abortion as long as no "undue burden"; Don't have to tell husband, but minor must tell parents

Sandra Day O' Connor

Conservative-minded justice to US Supreme Court; first woman to ascent to the high bench

A kindler, gentler America

Bush promised to work for this

Tiananmen Square

Democratic Chinese flourished a "Goddess of Democracy" put down by China's autocratic rulers 1989


Bush signed this w/ Boris Yeltsin to reduce nuclear arms by 2/3 in 10 years 1993

Saddam Hussein

Iraqi ruler who overran Kuwait (tiny oil rich desert)

Norman Schwarzkopf

"Stormin Norman!"; American/Allied general; relentless bombing and then suffocate them with troops and armor; vs. Hussein

Operation Desert Storm

"100 hour" war; UN outflanked Iraqi forces in Kuwait and the enemy could not retreat or reinforce; many Iraqui casualties; Feb. 27, Saddam accept cease-fire

The Americans With Disabilities Act

1990; no discrimination against physical/mental disabilities

Anita Hill

Accused black jurist Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, but he then became the 2nd black person in Congress; applauded for focusing attention on issues of sexual harassment

H. Ross Perot

Independent Presidential candidate from Texas; federal deficit (!!!); never held a public office

J. Danforth Quayle

George Bush's VP

The Brady Bill

1993; gun-control law after James Brady (assistant to president) had been wounded & disabled in an assassination attempt of Reagan

The Branch Davidians, Waco, Texas

Schism w/ Seventh Day Adventists; their property was seized @ Waco by ATF, FBI, and National Guard

Timothy McVeigh

arrested and convicted anti-government extremist; truck bombing that destroyed Oklahoma City building that happened after Waco

Newt Gingrich

outspoken Georgia representative that offered contract w/ America

Contract with America

all-out assault on budget deficits and radical reductions in welfare programs

North American Free Trade Agreement

Clinton; free-trade zone of Mexico, Canada, and US

The World Trade Organization

Clinton; world trade

Yasir Arafat

Palestine Liberation Organization; met w/ Israeli premier Yitzshak Rabin & Clinton @ White House to degree for Palestinian self-rule

Yitzshak Rabin

Israeli premier; Palestine discussions @ White House w/ Arafat

Kenneth Star

Tried to prosecute Clinton for lying under oath in the Jones case but never succeeded in finding evidence

Clinton Impeachment Charges

perjury before a grand jury & obstruction of justice; did not rise to the "high crimes & misdemeanors"

The 2000 Elections

Bush vs. Gore; BUSH

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