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How does Mercutio try to get Romeo to come out of hiding?

he insults Rosaline and Romeo's view of love

What dramatic irony occurs in this scene?

Mercutio and Benvoilo believe Romeo is still in love with Rosaline

What extended metaphor does Romeo use to describe Juliet's beauty?

Juliet's beauty is as bright as the sun

Why does Juliet not want Romeo to swear his love by the moon?

the moon's shape is constantly changing

Why does Juliet say she "has no joy of this contract tonight"?

this is all happening too soon; I don't want to promise anything

What plan do the lovers make before parting?

Juliet will send Romeo her answer tomorrow at 9 am

What is the Friar doing as he soliloquizes?

picking herbs and medicinal flowers

What aspect of nature and of man does the Friar point out in his soliloquy?

man and flowers can be like poison or can be like powerful medicine

What does the Friar say about Romeo being awake so early?

something is wrong if you're out this early

Why does the Friar scold Romeo when he confesses his love for Juliet?

Romeo is changeable in love

Why does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?

to end the families' feud

Why has Tybalt sent Romeo a letter?

to challenge him to a duel

How does Mercutio mock Tybalt's fighting style?

sly, sneaky, like the Prince of Cats

How has Romeo's mood changed since the last time Mercutio saw him? What is Mercutio's reaction to the change?

1. he has gone from depressed to care free and happy
2. he makes sexual jokes about where Romeo has been

How does Mercutio mock the Nurse? How does the Nurse react to his taunting?

1. he says her fan is the fairer face
2. she ignores him, but not after a few insults

What warning does the Nurse give Romeo?

she will take Mercutio down or she will find someone to do it for her

What two sets of instructions does Romeo give to the nurse?

1. have Juliet meet him at the Friar's cell to be married
2. get a rope ladder so he can climb the wall and meet Juliet in secret

What complication does the Nurse remind us of at the end of this scene?

secrets are hard to keep/ this love is destined for doom

How long has Juliet been waiting for the Nurse?

3 hours

What comments does Juliet make about the Nurse?

slow, lazy - if she were the one in love, she would move faster

What positive traits of Romeo does the Nurse list?

handsome, gentle, and has a good physique

What line of the Nurse's indicates that Juliet is trying to humor the Nurse by rubbing her back?

My back a' t' other side

What line of the Nurse's indicates that Juliet blushes when she finally hears Romeo's message?

You blush bright red as soon as you hear any news.

Where doses the Nurse say she must go at the end of the scene?

Friar Laurence's cell for "confession"

What lesson does the Friar try to teach Romeo?

rushed love usually burns out or ends in tragedy

What does Romeo ask Juliet to describe?

her love and happiness about their marriage

What is Juliet's response to Romeo?

she cannot describe her love

Juliet quickly admits her love for Romeo because-

he has overheard her thinking about her love for him

Mercutio engages in conversation about fashion in order to-

have Romeo match wits with him

The purpose of the humor rising from the Nurse's comic character is to-

provide self relief from the tragedy

What is the point of Act 2?

Rising Action/ complication

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