20 terms

lab 29: reflex arc and reflexes

a withdrawal reflex employs ...
motor neurons in conjunction with sensory and motor neurons
interneurons in a withdrawal reflex are located ...
in the sensory neurons
a reflex arc begins
with the stimulation of a sensory receptor at the end of a sensory neuron
effects of a reflex arc are ...
glands and muscles
a patellar reflex employs
only sensory and motor neurons
the quad
is the effector muscle of the patellar reflex
the sensory stretch receptors (muscle spindles) of the patellar reflex arc
are located in the skeletal muscle
the dorsal root of a spinal nerve contains
the sensory neurons
the normal plantar reflex results in
flexion (curling) of the toes
Babinski reflex
stroking the sole of the foot in infants results in dorsiflexion and toes that spread apart
patellar reflex (response observed)
moderate extension of the leg at the knee joint
patellar reflex (effector muscle involved)
calcaneal reflex (response observed)
plantar flexion of the foot
calcaneal reflex (effector muscle involved)
biceps reflex (response observed)
slight twitch of muscle or flexion of the forearm
biceps reflex (effector muscle involved)
triceps reflex (response observed)
slight twitch of muscle or extension of the forearm
triceps reflex (effector muscle involved)
plantar reflex (response observed)
flexion (curling) of the toes
plantar reflex (effector muscle involved)
muscles in the toes