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  1. Working memory function
  2. The problem solving behaviors that most closely resembled insight was
  3. sensory memory
  4. mental age
  5. confirmation bias
  1. a the immediate, very brief recording of sensory information in the memory system
  2. b involved with attention, meaning and associations
  3. c Loulis the chimpanzee's ability to learn signs by observing Washoe.
  4. d a tendency to search for information that supports our preconceptions and to ignore or distort contradictory evidence
  5. e a measure of intelligence test performance devised by Binet, the chronological age that most typically corresponds to a given level of performance.

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  1. why children learn their household's language
  2. beginning about age 2 the stage in speech development during which a child speaks mostly two word statements
  3. by the representativeness heuristic
  4. the tendency to be more confident than correct, to overestimate the accuracy of our beliefs and judgments
  5. Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence

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  1. source amnesiathe loss of memory


  2. sexual response cyclesocial-cultural influence, psychological influence, and biological influence


  3. sensory information is initially recorded in our sensory memory. This memory may be visual (_____) or auditory(_____)retroactive interference


  4. Factor analysisa tendency to approach a problem in one particular way, often a way that has been successful in the past


  5. the hour before sleep is a good time to memorize information because going to sleep after learning new material minimizesis an algorithm