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  1. Motivations for eating
  2. James-Lange
  3. repression
  4. Wechsler Ault Intelligence Scale (WAIS)
  5. glucose
  1. a subjective experience of emotion follows bodily arousal
  2. b biological factors and psychological factors
  3. c the form of sugar that circulates in the blood and provides the major source of energy for body tissues, when its level is low we feel hungry
  4. d in psychoanalytic theory, the basic defense mechanism that banishes from consciousness anxiety arousing thoughts feelings and memories
  5. e the most widely used intelligence test, contains verbal and performance subtest

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  1. a clear memory of an emotionally significant moment or event
  2. standardization, reliability, and validity
  3. repression
  4. a neural center that is located in the limbic system, helps process explicit memory for storage
  5. a persistence of learning over time through the storage and retrieval of information

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  1. feel good, do good phenomenonpeople's tendency to be helpful when already in a good mood


  2. Memory requires?a self confirming concern that one will be evaluated based on a negative stereotype


  3. proactive interferencethe disruptive effect of prior learning on the recall of new information


  4. The existence of savant syndrome- limited mental ability combined with an exceptional specific skill- seems to supportGardner's theory of multiple intelligence


  5. savant syndromeour spoken, written or signed words and the way we combine them to communicate meaning