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biotin cofactors


biotin def

dry wrinkled skin

mn cofactors

pyruvate carboxylase, MnSOD

mn needed for

bone matrix formation, carb metabolism

cu cofactors

lysyl oxidase, Cu-ZnSOD

cu needed for

elastin/collagen crosslinks, myelination

mn + other elements

causes Fe def, interferes with Ca and P

mn def

perosis (slipped tendon), skeletal issues, star gazers

reduction of cu absorption due to

excess Ca,Zn, Mo

cu defs

lamb ataxia swayback, loss of color, anemia, bowed legs, atherosclerosis

cu toxicity

jaundice, tissue necrosis

zn cofactor

carbonic anhydrase, zn-cuSOD

zn def

perakeratosis (scabby skin), frayed feathers

se is component of

glutathione peroxidase

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