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The Panama Canal

William Gorgas

A native of Alabama, he pioneered mosquito control and the treatment of tropical diseases in the building of the Panama Canal.

Isthmus of Panama

The Panama Canal cuts across this land.

Gatun Lake

The lake at the center of the Panama Canal.

Leonardo da Vinci

He developed the first plans for water-travel locks, still used today.

Adolph Hitler

He plotted to take over Central America and seize the Panama Canal.


The SIP7 Plan was created to deal with ___ sabotage or aerial bombing.


They spread disease among the canal workers.


The nation that owned the land around the Panama Canal before an American-financed revolution created an independent nation of Panama.

Organization of American States

The international organization that mediated a dispute between the United States and Panama during a dispute in the 1960s.


The nation now in charge of the Panama Canal.

Theodore Roosevelt

His admission that the United States cause the rebellion that led to the independence of Panama cost millions of dollars in reparations.

Ferdinand de Lesseps

His success at building the Suez Canal in Egypt ws not repeated when he attempted to build the Panama Canal.


This nation tried but failed at the first attempt to build the Panama Canal.

William McKinley

The assassination of this President of the United States left Vice President Theodore Roosevelt in the Oval Office.

Robert Dill

The last surviving recipient of the Theodore Roosevelt Medal of Honor for work on the construction of the Panama Canal. His starting pay was 38 cents per hour.


Those building the Panama Canal were given this antimalarial drug also found in tonic water.


Despite the danger, it was used in the excavation of the Panama Canal.


Structure used to raise or lower ships on canals.

Spanish American War

The 1898 conflict that built Theodore Roosevelt's career.

John Stevens

The first chief engineer in charge of the Panama Canal construction project.


A thin coat of this over standing water killed emerging mosquitoes.

Yellow Fever

This disease, along with smallpox and malaria, was a major problem in constructing the Panama Canal.


The river that was dammed to form the reservoirs used by the Panama Canal.

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