GCSE dance terms and definitions

dance style
The genre or type of dance determines by its origin and characteristic features
choreographic approach
The way in which a choreographer makes the dance
inspiration for and idea or movement
choreographic intention
the aim of the dance and what the choreographer wants to communicate
aural setting
an audible accompaniment tot he dance such as music words song or silence
types of sound
genres of music including orchestral, electronic, percussion, vocal and found sound
clothing worn by dancers in performance
set design/staging
the presentation of dance in the performing space including set, furniture, props, projection and backdrop
physical setting
includes set design, lighting, props, projection
the way in which the material is organised to create the piece
the illumination of the performance area
performance environment
differetn settings for dance such as in the round, proscenium and site sensitive
a portable object used in performance for example a suitcase.