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(my) ___ pencil (m)

mon crayon

(his) ___ pencil case (f)

sa trousse

(our) ____ tennis shoes (m,pl)

nos baskets

(your - fam) ____ pen (m)

ton stylo

(your-pol) ___ orange juice (m)

votre jus d'orange

(their) ____ dog (m)

leur chien

(our) ___ canary (m)

notre canari

(his) ____ pizza (f)

sa pizza

(my) ____ tee-shirt (m)

mon tee-shirt

(your-fam) ____ cat (m)

ton chat

(our) ____ notebooks (m/pl)

nos cahiers

(his) ___ calculator (f)

sa calculatrice

(her) ___ crepes (f, pl)

ses crèpes

(our) _____ computer (m)

notre ordinateur

(her) ____ shorts (m)

son short

(my) ____ watch (f)

ma montre

(his) ___ ruler (f)

sa règle

your (polite) ___ computer (m)

votre ordinateur

(my) ____ wallet (f)

ma portefeuille

(our) ____ snails

nos escargots

(his) ____ jeans (m)

son jean

your (fam) ___ bracelet (m)

ton bracelet

(our) ____ magazine (m)

notre magazine

(your- polite) ____ fries

vos frites

(their) ____ pencils (m, pl)

leurs crayons

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