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1,000 miles

If 3/4 inch on a map equals 750 miles, what should one inch equal?


Land area that includes soil carried downstream by a river and deposited at a river's mouth is called a _____.


Is the equator a parallel or a meridian?

North America- Lake Superior, Huron, and Michigan. Africa- Lake Victoria. Europe and Asia - Caspian Sea

What continents are the worlds five largest lakes (Caspian Sea, Lakes Superior, Victoria, Huron, and Michigan) located

St. Lawrence Seaway

What river do ships use to reach Toronto, Ontario's harbor, since it is 1,300 miles from the sea?

Locks raise and lower watercraft from one level to another. They are needed when there is a change in elevation.

Some canals have locks. What does a lock do and why are they needed?

July -Chile is in the southern hemisphere.

Which would be a better month to go skiiing in Chile, January or July? Hint-- the seasons are the opposite of ours in the southern hemispere

Virginia -east of the Mississippi River and Colorado- not on a coast

Which 2 of the following terms don't belong: Virginia, Colorado, California, or Texas? Why?

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