History 6: Chapter 27-Life in two city states : Athens and Sparta


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Where is Athens located?
Four miles from the Aegean sea. That is what made Athens economy based off of trade and made them like to travel. When they traveled they learned new ways of how to do things which made them open to new ideas.
Where is Sparta located?
Sparta is 150 miles away from Athens. Sparta is located on a plain. Sparta was very isolated. Spartans were not open to new ideas, they grew what they needed and what they couldn't grow they took from the neighboring city-states they conquered.
Why was Athens called a Democracy?
Athens was a direct Democracy. Every citizen(free man) could vote on every issue. In Athens there was the council and the assembly. The council had no real power they ran day-to-day buisiness of Govt. and suggested laws. The assembly votewd on the laws suggested by the council. If 6,000 citizens didn't show up slaves would round people up with ropes dipped in red paint.
How did Athenians get the goods they needed for everyday life?
The Athenians got the goods they needed by trading and buying. Athens was located four miles from the Aegean sea which opened them up to trade. They had a very busy port. Also the Athenians had there own currency which were coins made with bronze, silver, and gold. The Athenians bought and traded goods at a market called the agora.
How did the Athenians train the minds and bodies of boys?
Until ages 6 or 7 the a slave or mother taught them. At age 6 or 7 they went to school where they learned music, literature, reading, writing, sports, and arithmetic. The Athenians valued artists and thinkers over strength and dicsipline. They started military training at age 18
How were women and slaves treated in Athens
Badly women had very little rights and slaves were treated very harshly