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  1. Beguile
  2. Faction
  3. Manifest
  4. Adamant
  5. Indictment
  1. a Statement of criminal charges
  2. b Something apparent to the sight or understanding
  3. c firm in opinion; unyielding
  4. d to deceive; cheat
  5. e small group, usually contentious, within a larger group

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  1. Sorrow for sin
  2. a law
  3. to escape or avoid by cleverness or deceit
  4. a feeling of uneasiness
  5. In a state of exalted delight

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  1. Ascertainfind out; detect


  2. Remorselesslymercilessly; having no pity


  3. Menacinglyenthusiastically


  4. IndignantStatement of criminal charges


  5. Anarchypolitical disorder and confusion