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  1. Qualm
  2. Adamant
  3. Statutes
  4. Reprieve
  5. Ineptly
  1. a a feeling of uneasiness
  2. b firm in opinion; unyielding
  3. c a law
  4. d Awkwardly
  5. e Postponement of punishment

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  1. crazy; foolish; stupid
  2. Work of divine direction
  3. In a state of exalted delight
  4. Having no regard for accepted rules or standards
  5. quarrelsome; ready to argue

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  1. ConjuredSummoned by oath or spell


  2. Frauda feeling of uneasiness


  3. Hypocritespeople who say they believe one way, but whose actions show they believe another


  4. Anonymitydisaster


  5. Beguileto deceive; cheat