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"Oh," I would mutter, "Of course I don't mind."
But really, I was balling fists in my head, my heartbeat a pounding rhythm that I couldn't stop.
No, no, no I don't mind that you treat me like I'm not even there- like I'm some demon that you need to avoid.

What's the big fuss all about? Well, my biggest pet peeve, I guess you could say. The thing is, I'm so used to being invisible- being treated like I'm an alien from a different world. I'm so tired of being left in the dust, alone in the dark. The dark is where the demons rest... I guess that's why they left me there. Did they misunderstand my words and think I said it was my home? Was my cry one of sin? Did you not understand that I was crying for the window to be opened?

I guess you did.

That's why you shut the doors. Went through your little prayers- forgetting I needed that. Forgetting I was your sister. Maybe I wasn't anymore, you thought. Maybe she was a lost cause. A little child full of sickness.

Oh the tears- "You're great at that, girl!"
You'll be an actor someday.
And they kept dropping.
Those drops of water- and you keep having to take more steps away.
The tears turn to glass. They've been glued together- more times than you can count. But you just let them fall. You do nothing to save them.

"Father," I had cried.

Sometimes he would put them back together. But sometimes when he would walk by, I would turn at that moment, as you took Him by the hand- with that love I envied.

So what I hate most of all... is when you leave my tears in the dust. After all... they've fallen too many times- I'm causing a depression. I'm not worth it. Not anymore.
Hey, girl
I'm always wondering

Is that a weird word to you?
Why ask it?
I'm just wondering
But isn't that what you always do anyways?
I think I can wonder just a bit

First of all, I wonder why
Why we are girls
Why are we this way

It's strange how the word princess is so elegant
But really- we are not so
We are like animals, trying to cage one another
To hold the keys...
and then retreating back to the bars

Why is it that you speak with such blindness?
That you call your sister with such a title- as if she dust
I always wonder why you stare
Calling out the smudge on the glass
When really
That smudge is you

I wonder why you feel you are more
Like you don't deserve to be a girl
Like you must change the meaning to that word
And by the queen of words
Walking upon that carpet of memories

I wonder why you step over the roses
That you planted so perfectly
Like they are nothing!
Because you can't see that nothing is everything
And the heart in you is not there

I don't see why you want to be someone else
When you put everyone else in the garbage
Saying you are better
Yet you do the same to yourself
You have no self
You replaced her

I don't know who's eyes I'm looking into
Girl, it's like you're different people with the same face
Either you're you
Or you're this girl who's placing a crown on her head
Digging her own grave as the onlookers tell her to do so

Are they everything?
Hey, he loves you
You don't need all of them
They're gonna pass someday
So are you
And you'll need a real love to pick you up when you fall
That love doesn't need to be one tied by a ring
It can be the hand of someone
A hand of love
A real love
That goes on
Even when your legs have failed
And you fell into that grave
Where your dreams started to blow with the wind
But that love stays there
Even when your heart thought it was broken