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American History Chapter 2 Vocab Quiz

What colonies made up the Chesapeake?
Virginia and Maryland
Headright System
Granted 50 acres of land to anyone who would pay the passage of an indentured servant. Benefitted the wealthy
Virginia House of Burgesses
1st Representative government in Colonial America
Bacon's Rebellion
Revolt of landless farmers, led to a drastic increase in slave labor
Those that wanted to break away from the Church of England (Anglican Church)
Those that wanted to purify the Church of England (Anglican Church). Settled in Massachusetts Bay
Roger Williams
Banned from Massachusetts Bay, founded Rhode Island
Anne Hutchinson
Banned from Massachusetts Bay, challenged gender roles in the Puritan Church
William Penn
Quaker, founded Pennsylvania; religiously tolerant, paid Natives for their land
Characteristics of Spanish Colonization
Intermarriage with Natives, desire to spread Christianity, sent mostly men
Characteristics of French Colonization
Intermarriage with Natives, relied on the beaver trade, sent mostly men
Characteristics of English Colonization
Little intermarriage with Natives, lived separately from Natives, hostilities over land
Economic theory that the colonies exist for the benefit of the mother country