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alveolar sac

blood vessels


inferior lobes

respiratory bronchioles

right middle lobe

superior lobes

terminal bronchioles

parietal pleura, intrapleural space, and visceral pleura

from outermost to innermost, the three tissues around the lungs are:


the majority of the respiratory system is in the ______ cavity.

gas exchange

What is the primary purpose of the respiratory system?

add moisture and catch particles

What are the functions (2) of mucus?

warms air, filters air, moistens air

What are the functions (3) of the nasal cavity?

vocal chords

what does the larynx contain?


the longer the vocal chords, the ____ the voice.

the esophagus is behind it

Why isn't there a back cover of the trachea?

make mucus

What are goblet cells?

cilia; pharynx

What moves the mucus and where to?

the opening of the vocal chords

What is the glottis?


Which refers to the left superior lobe? 9a or 9b?

bronchioles, ducts, sacs, alveoli

What is the movement of air (in order!)?

the alveoli

Where is oxygen more concentrated?

the root

What is the top of the lung called?

located in the root, it is the point of bronchi entry

What is the hilus of the lung?


How many bronchopulmonary segments are there?


When you breathe in, the diaphragm increases or decreases?

normal, uncontrolled breathing

What is tidal breathing?

the deepest breath possible; forced breathing

What is vital breathing?

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