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  1. naive
  2. novice
  3. irascible
  4. myriad
  5. juggernaut
  1. a a beginner; one who is new or inexperienced
  2. b a terrible destructive or irresistible force
  3. c simple in nature; not affected; innocent simplicity; childlike
  4. d easily angered
  5. e a large number; of a highly varied nature

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  1. having to do with marriage
  2. present, but not active; hidden
  3. a lord, master, or sovereign
  4. of this world and not of heaven; common, worldly; not spiritual
  5. worthy of praise; commendable

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  1. jingoismextreme patriotism; favoring an aggressive, warlike foreign policy


  2. inexorablecannot be moved or influenced by persuasion or entreaty; unrelenting


  3. lexiconto throw goods overboard


  4. levityfashionable, stylish; carefree


  5. inscrutablecannot be easily understood; mysterious