40 terms


What does JROTC stand for?
Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps
What does LET stand for?
Leadership Education and Training
What does SAI stand for?
Senior Army Instructor
What does AI stand for?
Army Instructor
What is the mission of JROTC?
to motivate young people to become better citizens
What doess JCLC stand for
JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge
waht is the ker to seccess in JROTC?
the jey to seccess in JROTC teamwork
what are the three levels fo distinction that JROTC units can earn?
Merit Unit, Honor unit and Honor Unit wit Distinction
what is the definition of leadership?
the ability to influence subordinates in order to accomplish a mission
what are the 3 leadership styles?
Delegation- giving decision makeing authority to subordinates_Participating-involving subirdinates in the decision making process_Directing-Insstructing subordinates
what are the Army Values
Loyalty_duty_Respect_selfess Service_presonal Courage_HOnor_Integrity
Define Teamwork
the cooperative effort on the part of a number of people working together to achieve a goal
what are the two parts of a command
preparatory command and command of execution
what foot do you call the command rear,Marck on?
the right foot
on which foot ca you give the command of halt?
either foot
what is normal cadance
120 steps per pminute
how do you read a military map
right and up
what are the 5 basic colors on a military map and what do they represent
Blue-water_Green-vegetation_Brown-elevation_Black-man-made objects_Red-major roads
name the five major trrrain features on a military map
Hill_Saddle_Valley_Redge_and Depression
what are the three types of north on a military
True,frid and magnetic
define first aid
the immediate medical care given to an injured or ill victim before professional medical help arrives
what are the for life saving steps?
Check the Airway_Check for bleeding_Check for treat for shock_Check and bandage the wound
who is commander in chief
President George Bush
secretary of Defense
Honorable Robert Gates
secretary of state
Honorable Condoleezza Rice
secretary of Army
Honorable Pete Geren
Army Chief of staff
General Gerorge W Casey Jr.
Sergeant Major of the Army
SMA Jenneth Preston
Commanding General,cadet Command
MG W. Montague Winfield
command Sergeant Major,Cadetcommand
CSM Hersel Turner
Commander 2nd Brigade Region
Colonel Charles K Hardy
Command sergeant Major, 2nd Brigade region
Chied,2nd Bde
Colonel Michael T Anderson
what are the three branches of the government
Who wrote the star spangle banner
Francis Scott KEy
what do the ccolors on the US flag represent
what do the 13 stripes on the US flag represent
the 13 original colonies
What are the three typpes of US flags which on is the largest
Post,storm and garrison: Garrison is the largest
name the five basic staff positions found in most large military organizations
S-1 Administrative_S2-Information/sucurity_S-3 Operation and training_S-4 Logistics/supply_S-5 Public Information
what is the UCMJ?
the Uniform code of Military Justice