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Solar System

a yellow, dwarf star that is hot, fiery, and filled with gases; holds the solar system together
closest to the Sun. SMALLEST PLANET! 1 year lasts just 88 days.
2nd planet from the Sun. Earth's twin and almost exactly the same size as Earth. HOTTEST planet in the solar sytem.
3rd planet from the Sun. Close enough for water to be liquid instead of frozen, allow plants to grow, and animals to thrive. Only planet to support life!
4th planet from the Sun. Called the Red planet, named after the Roman God of War. This planet has the solar system's tallest volcanoes.
5th planet from the Sun. GIANT of the solar system, 1000 x the size of Earth. Made of mostly hydrogen and helium.
6th planet from the Sun. Second largest with 7 major rings.
7th planet from the Sun. 14 x the size of Earth. Named after the Greek Sky God. This planet lays mostly on it's side with it's axis almost parallel to it's orbit.
8th planet from the Sun. COLDEST PLANET! Named after Roman God of Sea. 1 of 2 planets that CANNOT be seen from Earth without special equipment. Discovered by mathematics before it was ever seen!
Dwarf planet. 9th in solar system. Discovered in 1930 and named after a Roman God and Percival Lowell.
What planets have rings ?
Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Uranus
What are Saturn's rings made of?
Each ring is made of thousands of ringlets made of ice particles.
How long does it take the Earth to revolve around the Sun?
1 year

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