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Procedure for mixing different types of insulin:

If more than one type of insulin is required to manage the client's diabetes, the nurse can mix two different types of insulin into one syringe if they are compatible. If regular and an intermediate-acting insulin are ordered, prepare the regular insulin first to prevent the regular insulin from becoming contaminated with the intermediate-acting insulin. Use the following principles when mixing insulin:

Never mix insulin ____________ or insulin ________ with other types of insulin.

glargine (Lantus) detemir (Levemir)

When does the nurse Inject rapid-acting insulins mixed with NPH, Lente, or Ultralente insulins

15 min. before a meal

What is the proper course of action if a nurse is unsure of a medication order?

Call physician.

What are the the best subcutaneous injection sites?

the outer posterior aspect of the upper arms, the abdomen from below the costal margins to the iliac crests, and the anterior aspects of the thighs

The site most frequently recommended for heparin injections is the

Abdomen at least 2 inches from the umbilicus

Recommended sites for insulin injections include:

the upper arm and the anterior and lateral portions of the thigh, buttocks, and abdomen.

What size doses are given subcutaneously and why

small doses (0.5 to 1 mL) because the tissue is sensitive to irritating solutions and large volumes of medications

What size and gauge of needle is needed for a Sub-Q injection of a normal sized patient?

25-gauge 5/8-inch needle inserted at a 45-degree angle, or a ½-inch needle inserted at a 90-degree angle.

Intravenous bolus

involves introducing a concentrated dose of a medication directly into the systemic circulation.

the most dangerous method for administering medications because there is no time to correct errors.

The intravenous bolus, or "push"


a small (25 to 250 mL) intravenous bag or bottle connected to a short tubing line that connects to the upper Y-port of a primary infusion line or to an intermittent venous access.

Sliding scale

A sliding scale dictates a certain dose based on the client's blood glucose level.

Fastest route to facilitate medication absorption?

IV injection.

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