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Immediate Effects of Exercise on the Respiratory System

Breathing quickens

Oxygen Debt

Breathing deepens

Long-Term Effects of Exercise on the Respiratory System

Increased vital capacity

Lungs become more efficient

Lung capacity increases

The number of alveoli in the lungs increases

Increase in number of capillaries around the alveoli

VO2 max (aerobic capacity) is increased

Increase in number of blood vessels increased

Gaseous exchange becomes more efficient

Immediate Effects of Exercise on the Cardio Vascular System

Increased stroke volume

Increases heart rate

Glucose is released from the liver

Adrenaline is released

Blood is diverted away from the organs (liver, kidney, brain) to the muscles

Blood pressure increases

Systolic pressure increases

Long-Term Effects of Exercise on the Cardio Vascular System

Resting heart rate is reduced

Heart recovery time (the rate at which the heart returns to normal) becomes faster

Cardiac output increases

More efficient stroke volume

Blood pressure is reduced

Veins and arteries become healthier

Veins and arteries become more flexible and more efficient

Size and volume of the heart increases (hypotrophy)

Long term Effects of Exercise on the Skeletal System

Bone density increases

Ligaments (bone to bone) and tendons (muscle to bone) become thicker and stronger

Joint flexibility increases and allows more power in movement

Immediate Effects of Exercise on the Muscular System

Increase in muscle temperature

Long-Term Effects of Exercise on the Muscular System

Lactic acid builds up


Muscular strength increases

Muscular endurance increases

An increase in the demand for oxygen and glycogen

Muscles are working at an increased work rate

Increase in waste products

Lactic acid builds up

Increased muscular strength

Increase in muscular endurance

Increase in bone density

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