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NCLEX: Respiratory

Mantoux Test
Test which indicates exposure to TB with a positive result - does not diagnose active TB
acid-fast bacillus, 3
The __________ _________ sputum culture diagnosis and confirms TB infection. Specimen obtained each morning for ___ days.
Mantoux test must be read within ___ - _____ hours for accuracy
10, 5
When reading the Mantoux test, an induration of ___ or greater (or ___ or greater in immunosuppressed pts) is considered positive
gag reflex
After a bronchoscopy, client must remain NPO until ____ _____ returns
4, 70
In patients with emphysema, O2 flow rate must be no higher than ____ L or ___% delivery
Destruction of alveoli, narrowing of bronchioles, and trapping of air resulting in loss of lung elasticity "pink puffer"
Chronic bronchitis
Excessive mucus secretion within the airways and recurrent cough "blue bloater"
Condition of abnormal bronchial hyper-reactivity to certain triggers
Epinephrine hydrochloride (Adrenalin) and aminophylline (Theophylline) are used to treat _________
% O2 delivered via nasal cannula
% O2 delivered via mask
% O2 delivered via rebreather mask
Due to chronic retention of CO2, the brain uses low ___ levels to determine breathing (causing high levels to cause respiratory arrest)
Type of pneumothorax causing mediastinal shift (all major organs and vessels in chest cavity) due to build-up of pressure
type of pneumothorax resulting from trauma such as a gunshot or stab wound to the chest cavity
Air, fluid
During a thoracentesis to treat a pneumothorax, a tube is inserted in the upper chest for evacuation of ___ and in the lower chest for evacuation of _____
suction control
This chamber of a chest tube system should be continuously bubbling at a "gentle roll"
water seal
Tidaling may be observed with respirations in this chest tube system chamber - may not occur if lung has fully expanded
water seal, chest
Continuous bubbling in the __________ chamber of a chest tube system indicates a leak. Start at the tubing closest to the _____.
sterile water
If chest tube is disconnected from the water seal, place the end in ______ _______ until the system can be replaced
TB med which can cause GI distress, shock, acute renal failure, thrombocytopenia, and discoloration of body fluids
TB med which can cause peripheral neuritis (without vitamin B6), increases liver enzymes, increases sz in clients with sz do, and has tyramine toxicity
TB patients are considered noninfectious after _______ weeks of continuous medication therapy
TB patients must take medication therapy for __-___months, even if all tests are within normal limits
Chest tubes are required for all lung surgeries except a _______________ to prevent mediastinal shift
Chest physiotherapy
Percussion and vibration of thorax to loosen secretions in the affected areas of the lung using cupped hands (CPT)
morning, 1, 2
Perform CPT or PD in the ___________ and __ hour before meals or __hours after meals
Pulmonary toilet
T,C&DB; CPT; incentive spirometry; and ambulation are all part of _____________
Respiratory meds that can stimulate the sympathetic system and have anti-cholinergic effects (e.g. Albuterol, Ipratropium, Terbutalilne, Salmeterol)
Administer steroids ________ when administering inhalers
Apply suctioning for a maximum of _________ seconds
cardiac dysrhythmia
Suctioning can cause hypoxia, bronchospasm, infection, and _________ __________
Atelectasis, hypostatic pneumonia, hypoxia, nausea, shock, and wound hemorrhage occur within ____ hours postoperatively