What is a Titan?
Titan is the Saturn Largest moon, second moon in the Solar System, Second to the Largest Ganymede, and two percent larger
Who is Christiaan Huygens?
Christiaan Huygens is an Dutch Mathematician and discovered Titan
What is the Titan Atmosphere?
The Titan Atmosphere is 98.4 percent
What is Titan Radius?
The Radius of the Titan is 1,6000
What is the Titan Diameter?
The Titan Diameter is 5,149km
When it was discovered?
It was discovered in March 25, 1666
What is the Surface Temperature?
It is -179 Celsius
What is Titan's orbit?
Titan orbit Saturn at a distance is shaped about 759,000 miles (1.2 million km)
Is the Titan a thick Atmosphere?
Titan is the only Moon in the Solar System with a thick Atmosphere
How many Miles?
Nearly 370 miles and (600 km) into space
How many Kilometres from Titan to Earth?
Titan is 5,151 km from Earth
How many Feet from Titan to Earth?
300 ft (100 m) high
What size of the Titan?
The size of the Titan is 882 inches
Is Titan a Moon?
Titan is a moon
Is Titan bigger that Earth Moon?
Titan is bigger than Earth's Moon
How many days?
16 days
Is Titan the second largest moon?
Titan is Saturn's largest moon and second largest in the Solar System
What is Titan's mass?
1.35x10^23 kg (1.08 moon)
What is the color of the Titan?
The color is green
Each season last how many years?
Each Titan season lasts about 7.5 Earth Year