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Temple of Amon

Karnak ca1525 BCE - ca1400 BCE


Acropolis 447- 432 BCE
Iktinos and Kallikrates Architects


Rome. ca 120-127 CE
Architect unknown

Arch of Constantine

Roman Triumphal Arch, AD 312 -315
Commemorates the victory of Constantine over Maxentius

Chartres Cathedral

France 1194-1260
Architect Unknown

Santa Maria Novella

Florence (Italy) 1460-67
Facade remodelled by Leon Battista Alberti

Villa Rotonda (Villa Capra)

Vicenza (Italy) 1560s
Andrea Palladio

St Peter's Basilica

1546-64 Dome by Michaelangelo
1667 Piazza by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Primitive Hut

from Abbe Laugier,
"essai sur l'architecture," 1753

Stourhead Gardens

Begun in 1750s
Garden design, Sir Henry Hoare
Garden pavilions, Henry Flintcroft

Bibliotheque Ste Genevieve

Paris 1842-50
Henri Labrouste

The Opera

Paris, 1862-75
Charles Garnier

The Crystal Palace

London, 1851
Joseph Paxton

Reliance Building

Chicago, 1894-95
Daniel H. Burnham and John W. Root

Larkin Building

Buffalo, New York, 1904
Frank Lloyd Wright

Robie House

Chicago, 1906-09
Frnak Lloyd Wright

Woodland Chapel

Stockholm Sweden, 1918-20
Erik Gunner Asplund

Maison Domino

from 1915
Le Corbusier

Villa Savoye

Poissy (France),1928-29, Le Corbusier

Barcelona Pavilion

The German Pavilion for the International Exposition
Barcelona, 1929
Mies van der Rohe

Falling Water

Bear Run, Pennsylvania
1936 - 38, Frank Lloyd Wright

Glass House, New Canaan

New Canaan (USA)
1949, Philip Johnson Architect

Notre Dame de Haut

Ronchamp (France)
1950 - 55, Le Corbusier

Kimbell Art Museum

Fort Worth (Texas)
1966 - 72, Louis Kahn

Finlandia Hall

Helsinki (Finland), 1962 -71
Alvar Aalto Architect

Centre Georges Pompidou

Paris, 1971 - 77
Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano

Plan for Canberra

Walter Burley Griffin and
Marion Mahoney-Griffin

Rose Seidler House

Harry Seidler Architect

Sydney Opera House

Sydney, 1955 - 63
Joern Utzon Architect

Queensland's Orignial Cultural Precinct

Brisbane, Queensland

Queensland Art Gallery 1972 - 1982,
Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), 1985
State Library 1988, Robin Gibson and Associates.

Extensions to Art Gallery, 2006, Robin Gibson and Partners Architects.
Extensions to State Library, 2006, Donovan Hill Architects.

Parliament House, Canberra

1980 - 88, Mitchell, Giurgola, Thorpe

Marie Short House

Kempsey, New South Wales
1974 - 75, Glen Murcutt Architect

Uluru-Kjuta Cultural Centre

Uluru, 1996
Greg Burgess Architect

Student Services Building, Southbank Institute of TAFE, Morningside Campus

Clearview Terrace, Morningside
1999, Project Services, Don Watson Architect

Guggenheim Museum, Bilboa (Spain)

1997, Frank Gehry Architect

Baths at Vaals

Vaals Switzerland
1996, Peter Zumthor Architect

Vietnam Veterans' Memorial

Washington DC (USA)
1982, Maya Lin

Church with the Light

Iberagi (Japan)
1987 - 88, Tadao Ando

The Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Education Centre

Riversdale, NSW, 1999
Glenn Murcutt Architect in association with Wendy Lewin and Reg Lark

Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane

Brisbane, 2006
Architectus, Kerry and Lindsay Clare Design Architects

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