30 terms

Intro to teaching chapter 6 & 7

Tort Liability
conditions that would permit the filing of legal charges against a professional (teacher) for breach of duty or behaving in a negligent manner
under the school board, the leader of the school district
is the failure to exercise reasonable, prudent care in providing for the safety of others
Code of Ethics
is a set of guidelines that defines appropriate behavior for professionals
Vertical Equity/Funding
is money to schools that have greater needs based on student populations to provide equal educational opportunity in a state
Copyright laws
limit the use of photocopies, videotapes, and computer programs.
Fair use
is the right of an individual to use copyrighted materials in a rerasonable manner without the copyrighter's consent
Cost of education
$596.6 billion or $10,297 per student in 2008
are federal programs to meet the educational needs of special populations
Freedom of Expression
is granted by the 1st Amendment and protected in schools as long as it does not interfere with learning
10th Amendment
of the U.S. Constitution gives states authority over public schools
Buckley Amendment
gives the parents of students under 18 and students who are over 18 the right to examine their school records.
State Government
gives the majority of school funding (48.3%)
School Board
acting as a state agent is responsible for the following: approving the teachers, administrators, and staff and educational policies and curriculum
Sexual Harassment
is unwanted and unwelcomed sexual behavior directed toward another person
Teaching Contract
is the agreement between a teacher and the board of education that the teacher will provide certain services in return for a certain salary, benefits, and privileges
Collective Bargaining
is the process of negotiating salaries and working conditions in most states, school boards must negotiate with teachers organizations
Corporal Punishment
allows school officals to paddle a student as a disciplinary measure
Head Start
is a federally funded program providing pre-school to lower income children
Federal Government
provides 8% of school funding
Education Consolidation & Improvement Act
gave states a broad range of choices in spending federal money
Sales Tax and Income Tax
most state funding for schools comes from this
Search and Seizure
allows school officals to look through a students belongings if he or she is suspected of an illegal act
Property Taxes
Schools are funded locally by this
Educational Politics
refers to how people use power, influence, and authority to affect instruction and curriculum in a school district
ESEA Act of 2010
title 1 of it gives 1 billion dollars to schools with low income students
School Choice
is the process of allowing parents to select the school their child will attend
Lemon test
is a three part legal test to determine whether a state has violated the seperation of church and state
Due Process
is a specific set of guidelines that must be followed to protect individuals from unfair treatment by those in authority whether it be teachers from dismissal or students from expulsion
Expenditure per pupil
the amount of money spent on each student