AP Psych- intro to phsychology

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Wilhelm Wundt performed experiments to study
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Wilhelm Wundt performed experiments to study
mental processes
American philosiher who authored a textbook in 1890 for the young discipline of psychology
William james
student of William james and the first female present of American Phsycological Association
mary whiton calkins
view that psychology should be an objective science that studies observable human activity without reference to mental process is known as
psychological approach emphasized unconscienc sexual conflicts as a determinant of behavior
Freudian psychoanalysis
humanistic psychologists focused attention on the importance of peoples
potential for healthy growth
perspective that highlights the reproductive advantages of inherited human traits
evolutionary psychology
perspective that focuses on extent to which our genes and our environments influence our individual differences
behavior genetics
most noteable feature of the psychodynamic perspective is its emphasis on
unconscienc dynamics
cognative perspective in psychology focuses on how
people encode process store and retrieve information
perspective in psychology is most likely to focus on how behavior and thinking vary across situations and cultures
social culteral
specialists most likely to have a medical degree
studies conducted for the sake of building psycologys base of knowledge are most clearly examples of
basic research
who was the first to propose link b/w the mind and body
rene descartes
most famous for his work in classical conditioning
ivan pavlov