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There have been many ______ in health care. = improvements because of technology or techniques
They are working on computers with __________ intelligence. = not natural; man made
Technology has many __________. = good points; advantages
They made a big _______ in solar power. = a new idea or discovery that helps a project or technology get better
came out
The first iPhone ______ in 2007. (2 words) = when something is first sold
came up with
They ______ a new way to store energy. (3 words) = think and create a new idea
caught on
The new technology ______ quickly among young people. (2 words) = became popular with a group of people
They are ________ new technology for the military. = to design or make a new idea, product, system etc over a period of time
One of the ________ of that cell phone is that the screen breaks easily. = a disadvantage or bad point
Trains are more _____ than cars. = when something works without wasting time, money, or energy
That machine will _______ people to travel much faster and more safely. = to make it possible for someone to do something; similar to allow
Computers are _________ for most companies. = very important and necessary
Edison was a famous American _______. = someone who makes new things or machines
They want to ______ the factory. = make changes so that something has new things and a new feeling
Typewriters are now ________. = when something is no longer used because another technology has replaced it
off the grid
She is living __________. (3-word idiom) = with no technology, electricity, gas, etc.
That factory has _________ equipment. = things that are too old and not very useful anymore because something newer and better exists
That app is really ______ among teenagers. = many people like it
Her invention ______ the amount of pollution in the sea. = make the amount smaller
He wants to _______ his life. = to make something easier or less complicated
People don't __________ with their neighbours as much as they used to. = spend time with other people in a friendly way
sped up
The machine ______ the production of cars. (2 words) = make something faster
The house has _________ technology. (4 words) = using the most modern and recently developed methods, materials, or knowledge:
stumbled upon
Researchers __________ a new drug for cancer. (2 words) = to find or discover something by chance and unexpectedly
Cell phones can use GPS to _______ people's movements. = know the location of something
Text messaging has had _________ growth in the past year. = when something increases very fast
They _____ a lot of money in Apple computer. = buy something or give money to a company with the hope that it will increase in value
They got a _____ for their new battery design. = a document from the government that protects your invention or idea so others cannot copy it.
The company ______ cheap cell phones in China. = makes; usually in a factory
The iPod _____ the music business. = when a new thing completely changes people's lives or a business
The new game ______ quickly across the country. = started to be used by many people in different places.
Cell phones have become ________ in the U.S. something that is very common and feels like it is everywhere
They plan to _____ the new computer at a big conference. = first show to the public
She needs people to ______ her research. = give money for a project
People are very ___________ these days. = always wanting to buy or get things
We are losing many jobs because of _______. = when machines start to do things that people did before.
That machine will _________ many jobs. = when you get rid of something or it is completely gone
quality of life
She wants to improve her ________. (3-word idiom) = how good or bad your life is, shown for example by whether or not you are happy, healthy, able to do what you want
They want to be __________. = able to provide all the things you need without help from other people
start up
She works at a __________ in SF. = a company that has been recently formed; especially in technology
Sergei Brin and Larry Page are the __________ of Google. = someone who starts a business, organization, school
= Chief Executive Office; the top person at a company
= Chief Technical Officer; the person in charge of developing new technology at a company
Their company is looking for ___________ so that they can expand the business. = people who buy part of a company and hope that the value goes up
They __________ their product overseas and then sell it in the U.S. = to use machines to make goods or materials, usually in large numbers or amounts
Local workers lost their jobs because of ___________. = when a company uses another company to do work instead of using its own employees
The workers wanted to form a _________ to get better pay. = an organization that represents workers, meets with the employer, and tries to get them better pay and working conditions
They took a big ________ when they started the business. = the possibility that something bad dangerous may happen
The technology business is very ________. = when situation is likely to change suddenly and without warning
The future of the business is ____________. = when you are not sure what will happen
Technology and global business is very _________ these days. = when something has many different parts and is difficult to understand
Good business leaders need to be able to deal with _________. = when a situation or things are unclear
She had a clear _________ of how she hoped the company would develop.= an idea of what you think something should be like
Business leaders need a lot __________. = the ability to think, understand, or remember something clearly
The company was very ________ and changed its product quickly based on customer feedback. = being able to think, respond, and make decisions quickly
early adopter
He was an __________ of the iPhone. = someone who buys and starts using new technology when it first comes out
Google encourages a lot of ____________ among its employees. = the introduction of new ideas or methods
The company wasn't __________ for the first few years. = making more money than its expenses
Google was __________ in 1998. = when a business or organization is started
The company plans to _________ next year. = when a company gets bigger by having new products or opening new shops, factories etc
With the ________ of social media, there were huge changes in politics and news. = the arrival or start of something, especially technology
__________ don't want prices to go up. = someone who buys and uses products and services
Companies like Amazon are very hard for _________ stores. = describes a person or business that sells goods to customers in a shop
The website provides a ___________ tour of the museum. = made, done, seen etc on the Internet or on a computer, rather than in the real world
Amazon has huge __________ for all of their products. = a large building for storing large quantities of goods
That stores sells household _________. = things that are produced in order to be sold
Things like haircuts and tutoring are _________. = help or work that people buy; not goods
The iPhone was ________ by Johnny Ive at Apple. = making a drawing of something to show how you will make it or what it will look like
go viral
He wants his video to _________. (2 words) = when something like a video or piece of news spreads very quickly across the internet.