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Refers to a set of characters of a certain design. The font is the shape of the character or number as it appears on-screen.
Any text separated by a hard return. A hard return refers to pressing the Enter key to create a new paragraph.
Microsoft Office Word 2016
a word processing program that enables you to create many types of documents including letters, résumés, reports, proposals, Web pages, blogs, and more.
complex formatting, including font, color, size, and spacing, that can be applied to text. Use consistent styles for headings, body text, notes, and captions throughout your document.
a group of formatting options that is applied to an entire Word document. include font, color, and effect styles that are applied to text, tables, graphics, and other elements in the document.
used to organize data into columns and rows.
transforms numerical data into a visual representation.
photographs, SmartArt, or line drawings that can be added to documents.
text that appears at the top of every page in a document.
text that appears at the bottom of every page in a document
page break
marker in a document that identifies where one page ends and another page begins.
the blank areas at the top, bottom, left, and right of a page
automatically insert references to external sources in the proper format for use in a bibliography
mail merge
creates several documents based on a main document, specified fields, and a list of recipients.
word warp
places text on the next line when the right margin of the page has been reached. automatically
find and replace
searches for any word or phrase in the document. Also, allows all instances of a word to be replaced by another word.
spelling and grammer
checks for errors in spelling and grammar and offers solutions to the problem.
document formatting
allows the enhancement of the appearance of the document.
To select a single word
double-click the word.
To select a paragraph
triple-click a word in the paragraph you want to select.
To select a line of text
point to the left margin next to the line you want to select. When the cursor changes to an arrow, click once to select the line of text.
When a text is underlined in red it mean...
the word is spelled wrong
When a text is underlined in blue, it means...
grammatical error
Spelling errors are presented in the ......
spelling task pane
grammar errors are displayed in the ........, enabling you to make decisions about how to handle each error or type of error in turn.
grammar task pane
command allows you to reverse the last action you performed.
command allows you to reverse the Undo command and restore the file to its previous state.
...... gives you immediate access to both commands. (redo and undo)
Quick access toolbar
command allows you to search a document for a word or phrase
allows you to locate specific instances of text in your document and replace them with different text.
replace all
command, you can replace words or phrases all at once throughout the document.
command places a duplicate of the selected text or object on the Clipboard but does not remove it from your document.
command to insert the text or object into the same document, another document, or another Microsoft Office file, such as an Excel workbook or a PowerPoint presentation.
command is used to move text and other objects within a file and from one file to another. Text, or an object that is cut, is removed from the file and placed on the Clipboard for later use.
Source formatting
pastes the text and any formatting that was applied to the copied text.
merge formatting
pastes the text to match the formatting of the surrounding text.
keep text only
pastes the text without any formatting that was applied to the copied text.
can store up to 24 items for use in the current document or any other Office application.
zoom slider
in the lower-right corner of the window to zoom in and out of a document, changing the size of text and images onscreen
a document affects only how the document appears on-screen. It does not affect how the document will printing
word count
feature provides the current statistics of the document you are working on, including the number of pages, number of words, number of characters (with and without spaces), number of paragraphs, and number of lines.
read mode
Use this view when you want to review a document. Read Mode presents the document in an easy-to-read format. In this view, the Ribbon is no longer visible. To navigate between screens, use the navigation buttons on the left and right side of the window.
print layout review
Use this view to see how document elements will appear on a printed page. This view will help you edit headers and footers, and adjust margins and layouts.
web layout view
Use this view when designing documents that will be viewed on-screen, such as a Web page.
- view displays all backgrounds, drawing objects, and graphics as they will appear on-screen.
-view does not show page edges, margins, or headers and footers.
outline view
to check the structure of your document.
- you can collapse the document's structure to view just the top-level headings or expand the structure to see the document's framework.
-is most helpful when you use a different style for each type of heading in your document.
draft view
Use this simplified layout view when typing and formatting text. Draft view does not display headers and footers, page edges, backgrounds, or drawing objects.
Print page
in Backstage view, you can preview and print all the pages in your document.
Which of the following actions is used to select a paragraph of text?
single-click the paragraph
double-click the paragraph
triple-click the paragraph
click in the left margin next to the paragraph
triple click the paragraph
Grammatical errors in a document are represented by a .
red wavy underline
blue wavy underline
green wavy underline
purple wavy underline
blue wavy underline
Which feature in Word automatically places text on the next line when the right margin of the document has been reached?
zoom slider
word wrap
status bar
word warp
Which command would you use to copy text to the Clipboard and remove it from the document?
Which paste option pastes the text with the original formatting of the copied text?
Keep Source Formatting
Merge Formatting
Keep Text Only
none of these
Keep Source Formatting
Which command would you use to replace all instances of a word with another word?
Replace All
Paste All
replace all
The primary method for finding text in a document is to use the .
Find and Replace dialog
Navigation pane
Clipboard pane
Go To dialog
navigation pane
In the Spelling task pane, which button is used to change one instance of a misspelled word?
Add button
Change button
Change All button
Spelling button
change button
Which would you use to magnify the text on‐screen, making the text appear larger?
Zoom Out button
Zoom In button
Page Width command
100% command
zoom in button
In addition to the number of words in a document, the Word Count dialog also displays .
the number of tables
the number of charts
the number of pages
the number of images
the number of pages
character effects
Effects applied to individual characters or words rather than paragraphs. Common character effects include bold, italic, and underline effects
Character formatting that gives the text a heavier, thicker appearance.
Bar tab
Displays a vertical line through the text at the tab stop
Lines that appear along the top, bottom, left side, and right side of the paragraph
A symbol that is displayed before each item in a list.
Bullet list
List where the items do not need to be displayed in a specific order. a symbol appears before each list item.
center tab
Displays text centered over the tab stop.
Center alignment
Paragraph alignment that centers each line of text relative to the margins.
Change case
Command in Word that manipulates the typed characters, changing how the letters are displayed.
Character effects
Effects applied to individual characters or words rather than paragraphs. Common character effects include bold, italic, and underline effects.
clear all formatting
Command that removes any formatting that has been applied to text, including character formatting, text effects, and styles, and leaves only plain text.
Decimal tab
Aligns the text along the decimal point.
decrease indent
Moves text to the left by one level (0.5 inch).
first line indent
Indents only the first line of a paragraph and leaves the remainder of the paragraph left aligned.
format painter
Tool that copies and pastes formatting styles.
Formatting marks
Hidden marks in a document that indicate spaces, paragraphs, tabs, and page breaks.
A series of vertical and horizontal lines that divide the page into small boxes, giving you visual markers for aligning graphics, tables, and other elements on the page.
hanging indent
Leaves the first line of a paragraph left-aligned while indenting the remaining lines of text in the paragraph.
Tool in Word that changes the background color of the selected area to make it stand out on the page.
increase indent
Moves text to the right by one level (0.5 inch).
Character formatting that makes text slant to the right.
justified alignment
Paragraph alignment where the words are evenly spaced between the page margins, aligning the text on the right and left sides of the printed page.
left tab
Displays text to the right of the tab stop.
left alignment
Paragraph alignment where the text is aligned on the left side, leaving the right side ragged.
line spacing
The white space between lines of text.
numbered list
List type used to organize information that must be presented in a certain order.
paragraph allignment
How text is aligned with regard to the left and right margins of a document.
Measurement for the h eight of a font. Abbreviated pt.
right tab
Displays the text to the left of the tab stop.
right allignment
Paragraph alignment where the text is aligned on the right side, leaving the left side ragged.
Displays horizontally across the top of the window just below the Ribbon and vertically along the left side of the window. The ruler gives you a quick view of the margins and position of elements in your document.
Sans serif fonts
Fonts that do not have an embellishment at the end of each stroke. Includes Calibri and Arial.
serif fonts
Fonts that have an embellishment at the end of each stroke. Includes Cambria and Times New Roman.
Color that appears behind the text of the paragraph.
tab stop
The location along the horizontal ruler that indicates how far to indent text when the Tab key is pressed.
Character formatting that draws a single line under the text.
strike through
draws a horizontal line through the text.
draws a small character below the bottom of the text.
draws a small character above the top of the text
sentence case
formats text as a sentence with the first word being capitalized and all remaining words beginning with a lowercase letter.
changes all letters to lowercase.
changes all letters to uppercase, or capital letters.
capitalize each word
formats text so each word begins with a capital letter.
formats text in the reverse of the typed format, converting uppercase letters to lowercase and lowercase letters to uppercase.
Which type of font has an embellishment at the end of each stroke to lead the eye from one character to the next?
sans serif
Which command would you use to change the text from uppercase to having each word capitalized?
Change Font
Grow Font
Shrink Font
Change Case
change case
Which command would you use to call attention to text by coloring the background behind the text?
Font Color
Text Highlight Color
Text Effects
Format Painter
text highlight color
Which command is used to copy the styles from one word to another?
Text Effects
Format Painter
Text Highlight Color
format painter
Text effects ensure parts of your document, such as headings, all use the same formatting.
Which kind of list would you use for instructions that need to be performed in a certain order?
bulleted list
numbered list
justified list
none of the above
numbered list
To evenly space words, aligning the text on the right and left sides of the printed page, use the command.
Align Left
Align Right
Which command displays hidden formatting marks in a document, including paragraph and spacing marks?
Clear All Formatting
Formatting dialog
You can adjust the amount of space that appears before and after paragraphs from the Layout tab on the Ribbon.
Which tab stop displays the text to the left of the tab stop?
Left Tab
Right Tab
Center Tab
Decimal Tab
right tab