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REMICADE / infliximab


IMODIUM / loperamide

stimulant laxative

DULCOLAX / bisacodyl


IMURAN / azathioprine


ZOFRAN / ondansetron

proton pump inhibitor

PREVACID / lansoprazole


GRAVOL / dimenhydrinate

anti-inflammatory for bowel disease

ASACOL / 5-aminosalicyclic acid

proton pump inhibitor

NEXIUM / esomeprazole

proton pump inhibitor

PANTOLOC / pantoprazole

proton pump inhibitor

PARIET / rabeprazole


MAXERAN / metocloperamide

antiemetic - vertigo

SERC / betahistine

proton pump inhibitor

LOSEC / omeprazole


MOTILIUM / domperidone

antidiarrheal - opioid derivative

LOMOTIL / diphenoxylate

stool softener

COLACE / docusate

stimulant laxative

SENOKOT / sennosides

H2 antagonist

ZANTAC / ranitidine

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