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A committee with members from both the House of Representatives and the Senate is called a

Joint Committee

A committee that exists permanently in either the House of Representatives or the Senate is called a

Standing Committee

Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia passed away on June 28, 2010. He was still a serving Senator in West Virginia. Which of the following is a valid next step for the senatorial seat that he left empty?

Install and interim senator

If a politician fought to move district boundary lines to favor his/her political party, he would be accused of attempting which illegal act?


As citizens, we do not vote on all legislation directly. We appoint politicians to discuss, debate, and vote on new laws for us. This type of democracy is known as a __________.

Representative democracy

Which of the following types of legislation must begin in the House of Representatives?

Revenue Bills

Which committee is considered the most powerful in all of Congress?

Ways and Means Committee

The Senate is given the responsibility of approving presidential nominations.


Which congressional chamber has the power to override a presidential veto?

both chambers

Which of the following responsibilities is ONLY given to the House of Representatives?


__________ in the Constitution, outlines the limitations on congressional powers.

1, section 8

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