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Why did Spain & Portugal need to find a new sea route to the West Indies?
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Name one of the contributions that the Dutch left in American Colonies- Dutch settled NY and created a major port -Created diversity & tolerance in NY - Started the celebration of ChristmasWhat was the religious goal of the Puritans?To purify the Catholic ChurchWho was known as the Virgin Queen?Elizabeth 1What crop has commonly been referred to as England's gold?TobaccoWhat group was responsible for the Great Migration?PuritiansWhich of the Great Awakening Ministers had an impression on Benjamin Franklin?George WhitefieldName the war that established England as the most powerful nation in the World.The war of the Spanish ArmadaWhat type of metaphor did the Salem Witch Trials promote in America?They promoted the metaphor that there will always be a witch hunt (persecuted group) in AmericaWhich section of the colonies recognized the property rights of women?The Southern ColoniesList and describe the contents of the Triangular Trade. What might be the long term impact of such a profitable venture?- Slaves were taken from West Africa - Slaves were sold in the Americas for Raw Materials - Raw Materials were traded in England for manufactured goods - Goods were traded in Africa for more slavesDuring the head-rights system, what group actually gained 50 arces of land?The wealthy/aristocratsWhat is the first American holiday?ThanksgivingName the first university free of denominational controlThe University of PennsylvaniaWhat was the biggest challenge to establishing schools in the southern colonies?distance between the farmers in the southWhich of the English kings ended up being beheaded as a result as his conflict with parliament?Charles the 1stName the Great Awakening minister who wrote "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"Johnathan EdwardsWho was the founder of Pennsylvania?William PennWho was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony?John WinthropBesides the settlers of Massachusetts Bay, where else did the Puritans settle during the Great Migration?BarbadosWhere did Columbus think he landed?West IndiesWho was the first person to see the Pacific Ocean?Balboa, he and his men walked across the Isma canalWho was the European prince that promoted the study of Geography?Prince Henry of PortugalWhy was the Maryland Act of Toleration (1649) significant?It provided acceptance for all Judo Christian religions during the English Civil WarWho took control of England after the Glorious Revolution?William & MaryWhat was the difference between indentured servants and slaves?Indentured servants were white, and their period of serving is set up for seven years. Unlike slaves, indentured servants go free after their time.What was the most significant outcome of the French and Indian War?Britain gained all land East of the Mississippi, & this is the point that caused all the tension to escalateWhy does the Proclamation of 1763 anger the American Colonists?The colonists felt they should be able to move West because they won the war, parlament says no.What early colonial legal case not only initiated the concept of Freedom of the Press but illustrated colonial opposition to authority?The Zinger Case, Zinger was tried, jailed, and then sentenced not guilty by a jury of his peers.Who Delivered the city upon a hill speech?Johnathan WinthropWhat was the major benefit of the half-way convenient for the Puritan Church? What did the concept lack?It increased membership, and allowed for baptisms, it still lacked independent thought and funding.Name the first college established in the American ColoniesHarvardWhat was the first written agreement about self government?Mayflower CompactWhat was the first colony that recognized the property rights of Indians?Rhode IslandHow did England gain control of the Dutch Colony of New Amsterdam?The British sent in a fleet to NY, dutch saw the fleet and fledWhat war established Florida under the British Crown?French & Indian WarIn regards to settling in the NA continent, what was the major difference between the French and the British?French = Trade English = ColonizeWhy was Roger Williams banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony?He spoke out and said confiscating Indian land was wrong, also challenged the right to punish religious dissensionDefine Martial Lawthe military control of government (1st happened in Jamestown)Define PacifistsPeople who will not raise their hands in violenceWhat Colony was established by Pacifists?PennsylvaniaWho was responsible for organizing the Albany plan?Ben Franklin ; was meant to organize a milita and unite the coloniesWhich early colony started out under marital law?JamestownWho were the King & Queen that supported Columbus's Voyage?Ferdinand & IsabellaWho was the first explorer to reach India?Vasco de GamaWhich of the early explores is given the distinction as being the first to sail around the world?Ferdinand MagellanWho was the proprietor of Maryland ?Lord BaltimoreWhy was there a high rate of literacy in the American Colonies?Puritans established schools for every 5 families as well as to read the bibleWhat were the navigation acts?American colonies could only trade with England and no inter colonial trade (easily defied)Which colony made it mandatory that there should be a community grammar school?Massachusetts Bay ColonyHow did the English Civil War alter the original goal of the Puritans?It caused the Puritans to not be able to send ministers back to EnglandWhat was the difference between a Puritan and a Pilgrim?Puritans wanted to purify pilgrims wanted to separateList two things that caused an increase in the number of slaves brought to the U.S.- Backwoods rebellions - Cheap laborWhat role did Bartholomew De Las Casas have on the Western Hemisphere history?He caused the conversion of the native population, and changed their treatmentWhat was the primary reason that the British government wanted the settle Georgia?To create a buffer between Spanish Florida and British coloniesWhat was the humanitarian reason for settling Georgia?To create a deaders colony (prisoners of debt could come into new world and work off debt)By the mid- 1700s what was the largest city in the American colonies?PhiladelphiaWho discovered Florida?Ponce De LeonWhat is the oldest city in the U.S.?St. AugustineDefine PredestinationGod has already chosen who will go to heaven and who will go to HellWhich Colony was founded on the idea of separation of church and state?Rhode Island