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Master data is the same as transactional data


Master data is the foundation for running business transaction.


Which 3 organizational levels make up a sales area for a customer?

Sales organization, Distribution channel, and division

the basic data view for material master data can only be viewed by the purchasing department?


It is possible to view the stock level for a material by accessing the material master data. by accessing the material master data.


Which master data are used for procurement?

Material and vendor master data

What activity is performed when a shipment arrives from a vendor?

Goods Receipt

What is the purpose of entering the amount from the invoice?

Verification that the amount invoiced matches the amount ordered and received

From within SAP, you can...

track a purchase order
export a purchase order
print a purchase order

Purchasing performs which of the following steps in the procurement process?

Creating purchase orders

A goods receipt results in debiting the stock account.


What document is necessary in order to post an invoice?

The purchase order

Which of the following is NOT one of the selection steps in the fullfillment process.

*****Purchase order
Sales order

Which of the following is/are option(s) in the sales order step in fullfillment?

Document Flow

A sales order can be created with direct reference to a quotation.


During the shipping step in the fullfillment process, you can perform which one of the following?

post a goods issue

An internal credit memo is an example of a billing type.


How can you determine if there are enough finished goods in inventory to fulfill a sales order?

View the unrestricted stock status for the material

Which process must be started if there are not enough finished goods to fulfill a sales order?

Production Process

Once the Production Process is completed, which process resumes?

fulfillment process

Which process must be started if there are not enough raw materials to complete a production order?

Procurement Process


master data, procurement process, sales order, production process

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