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Developmental Psychology Ch 18 Practice Test

According to Erikson, adults who arrive at a sense of integrity?
feel whole, complete and satisfied with their achievements
According to the Labouvie-Vief Theory, elders display a compensating emotional strength in their ability to maximize positive emotion and dampen negative ?
affect optimization
As 75 year old Margaret tells her grandchildren of time long ago,when she was just a small child, she is engaging in?
In advanced old age, the majorityu of older adults regard themselves as
very much the same person they have always been.
Longitudinal research suggests that religious involvement
remains fairly stable throughout adulthood.
Compared to her 85-year old brother, 82 year-old Jada is more likely to report
a lower sense of psychological well-being.
Having an extraverted personality is linked to
high morale in old age.
Compared to younger adults, older adults place greater emphasis on
the emotional quality of their social interactions.
Both urban and rural older adults report greater life satisfaction when
many senior citizens reside in their neighbor-hood.
Although increasing numbers of ethnic minority elders want to live on their own, what often prevents them from doing so is/are
From middle to late adulthood, marital satisfaction
Couples who divorce in late adulthood constitute only about
1 percent of all divorces in a given year.
Elderly gay and lesbian couples typically
report happy, fulfilling relationships.
Compared with widowed women, divorced older women may be more motivated to remarry because of
more extreme economic circumstances.
Compared with younger adults, elders who must cope with the death of a spouse typically show.
fewer problems adjusting to death.
The kind of assistance that elders most often receive form their adult children iS
advice and emotional support.
Which of the following is among the most frequently reported types of elder maltreatment
Financial abuse
The first consideration in the decision to retire is usually
affordabilily of retirement
Women are more likely to retire earlier than men because they tend to be
more responsive to family events.
Recent views of successful aging focus on the
processes people use to reach personally valued goals.
At age 80, Barbara can't face the idea that she will die and the world will go on. She has children land grand-children, but has little interest in their lives. According to Peck, Barbara needs to work on
ego transcendence.
Bruce, age 74, has lately been recalling events of his past, reflecting on and reconsidering experiences and contemplating their meanings with the goal of achieving greater self-understanding. Bruce has been engaging in
life review.
During late adulthood, self-concept becomes
more complex and multifaceted.
Compared to people of other age groups, elders have the
highest suicide rate.
Women over age 75 are far more likely than men of the same age to
have others depend on them for emotional support.
Ethnic minority elders are more likely to accept agency provided support when they are
connected to a familiar neighborhood organization, such as the church.
According to disengagement theory, declining rates of interaction in late adulthood are caused by
mutual withdrawal between elders and society in anticipation of death.
The percentage of American ethnic minority older adlults who live in cities is roughly
The majority of older adults in Western nations want to live
in their own homes and neighborhoods, and 90 percent of them do.
Older Americans experience the most extreme restriction of autonomy if they live
in a nursing home.
The influential model of changes in our social networks as we move through life is know as the
soscial convoy.
When marital dissatisfaction is present in late adulthood, it
takes a greater toll on women than on men.
When asked avbout the reasons for divorce
elderly men typically mention lack of shared interests and activities, while elderly women typically mention their partner's refusal to communicate and emotional distance.
The greatest problem for recently widowed elders is
profound loneliness.
In adulthood, sibling relationships
involve increased levels of support when siblings live close to each other.
Older women tend to more often than older men have friends who are not intimates, but with whom they spend time occasionally, such as a group that meets for lunch. These friends are termed
secondary friends.
Longitudinal research reveals that as grandparents and grandchildren move through life
contact declines but affection incfeases.
Elder maltreatment is more common when caregivers
have a history of family violence.
Which of the following is true of volunteerism among older adults?
Elder women are more likely to volunteer than men.
Involvement in leisure activities
is related to better physical and mental health and reduced mortality.