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_______________ involves the violation of the concepts of right and wrong as defined by statute and is usually punishable by a specified amount of time in jail.

Criminal law

The plaintiff has the burden of proof in a civil case and must convince the jury

by a preponderance of the evidence.

The state has the burden of proof in a criminal case and must convince the jury

beyond a reasonable doubt.

A ________________ consists of twelve persons who serve for two to six months and who determine whether the state has enough evidence to support the issuance of an indictment.

grand jury

Texas judges, with the exception of municipal judges, are

elected in partisan elections.

A vacancy on a court is filled by

an appointment by the governor.

_____________ percent of criminal defendants agree in a plea bargain to plead guilty in return for reduced severity for their sentence.


Capital cases are appealed directly to the

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

An individual who cannot afford an attorney in a criminal case is

provided a court-appointed attorney.

The highest court in Texas for civil matters is the

Texas Supreme Court.

The highest court in Texas for criminal matters is the

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The major trial courts of the state which handle trials involving criminal or civil matters are the

district courts.

In Harris County and in other large urban counties, the state trial courts are given specialized jurisdiction over all of the following except

maritime law.

Statutory probate courts are given jurisdiction to hear cases arising out of disputes concerning

wills and estate law.

The county court has the power to hear all of the following types of cases except

felony cases.

The ____________________ courts have jurisdiction to hear class C misdemeanors and minor civil matters (e.g., small claims).

justice of the peace

__________________ were created by the Texas legislature to have jurisdiction over violations of city ordinances and class C misdemeanors.

Municipal courts

________________ involves disputes between individuals and/or businesses over relationships, obligations, or responsibility, with the remedy usually being monetary compensation.

Civil law

Before the growth of the Republican Party in Texas in the 1980s, judicial elections

were competitive only in the Democratic primary.

Contributions to candidates in judicial elections usually come from

lawyers, interest groups, and potential litigants.

Votes in judicial elections usually reflect

the strength of party labels.

Which of the following is not an explanation given for the low number of minority judges in Texas?

the stereotypes held by voters, who are unwilling to see minorities as authority figures

In a merit system of judicial selections, judges would

All of the above are true.

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