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18 terms

lulz health exercise stuff

body composition
the ratio of lean body tissue to body fat
females-20-25%; males-15-19%
healthy body composition levels
cardiovascular endurance
a measure of the heart's ability to pump blood to the rest of the body. activities: running, cycling, rowing, swimming
muscular strength
the ability of muscles to exert a force against resistance. activities: weights, resistance bands, calisthenics, core building
muscular endurance
ability of muscles to exert a force over a period of time against a resistance less than the maximum an individual can move. activities: resistance band, squats, weight training, crunches
pushups, wallsits, squat thrusts
core building
crunches, planks
ability of a joint and surrounding muscles to move freely and comfortably through its intended range of motion. activities: stretching
60-90% of (220-age)
target heart rate formul-er
warm up, workout, cool down
parts of an exercise in chronological order
frequency, intensity, time
FIT principle
aerobic, anaerobic
types of exercise
nonstop repetitive movements; improves heart and lung functions and reduces fat
intense activity, like a spring; burst of max energy; improves strength, flexibility, and speed
twilight, light, deep, nrem/rem
stages of sleep
4 to 5 times, every 90 min
how often is rem/nrem?
sleep apnea
bouts when breathing stops
fall asleep randomly