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  1. lots of windows, for the people vs. few windows for the clergy
  2. ITALY: private residence, stuff at top that looks like castle
  3. early is empty, and small porches 4 part wall, 6 part ceiling, vs. high = busy, lots of details and deep porches 3 part wall, 4 part ceiling
  4. EARLY GOTHIC, rose window, pointed arch, simple, empty space, symmetrical, small porch, flying buttresses (allows for windows)

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  1. virgin of parismary is important, gothic sway (attempt at contraposta) 14th century


  2. amublatory and radiating chapelsENGLAND: elongated and square not round, no rose window, small porch, lawn around, one big lady chapel vs. many radiating,


  3. mariolitryexcessive idolization of mary