21 terms


Def: the seasonal movement of livestock between mountains and lowlands
Ex: practiced in the Alps & Andes
Chain Migration
Def: migration to a specific location because relatives or your ethnic group previously migrated there
Sig: it often results in ethnic enclaves (pockets)
Internal Migration
Def: migration within a country
Ex: the Great Migration was voluntary, while the Trail of Tears was forced
Interregional Migration
Def: Migration from one region to another
Ex: many have left the Rust Belt for the Sun Belt
Intraregional Migration
Def: Migration with a region
Ex: urbanization, suburbanization and exurbanization
Forced Migration
Def: involuntary migration usually caused by cultural factors
Sig: Atlantic slave trade
Ernst Ravenstein
developed the laws of migration
Ex: distance decay, counterflow, pull factors, males are most likely to migrate internationally
Pull Factor
Def: positive factor that induces someone to move to a new location
Sig: jobs, sunny weather
Push Factor
Def: negative factor that induces someone to leave a location
Sig: poor economy, violence
Gravity Model
Def: people are most likely to move to places that are larger and closer
Sig: larger means more opportunities and closer reduce friction of distance
Migration Selectivity
Def: who is more or less likely to migrate
Ex: the educated and younger, childless adults are the most mobile
Migration Transition
Def: migration tends to reflect a country's stage of the DTM (Zelinsky)
-Stage 1= no migration
-Stage 2= migration to stage 3/4
-Stage 3= urbanization or stage 4
-Stage 4= suburbanization
-Stage 5= receive guest workers
Internally Displaced Persons
- People who were forced to leave their home due to conflict or human rights abuses (but do not leave their country)
Ex: Columbia and the Sudan have large numbers of IDPs
Def: individuals who are forced to cross international boundaries to seek safety or asylum
Ex: Tutsis and moderate Hutus fled Rwanda during the genocide
Asylum Seeker
Def: someone who is fleeing a threat and seeking refugee status in a new country
Ex: Syrians who fled to Europe without papers
Guest Workers
Def: individuals who migrate temporarily for job opportunities and to send back money (remittances)
Ex: Mexican GWs in the US and Canada; Turkish GWs in Germany
Transnational Migration
Def: the regular movement across borders
Ex: EU laborers who live in one country and work in another
Brain Drain
Def: when the skilled and educated workforce leaves a country for better job opportunities
Ex: many educated indians and chinese come to the US
Def: money sent back home by international migrants
Ex: 16% or El Salvador's GDP
Gendered Space
Def: the idea that space is not always viewed or accessible to both genders equally
Ex: women are more likely to live in urban settings (poorer, single moms live by work/school and elderly women)
US Quota Acts of 1921 & '24
Def: it limited the number of immigrants overall and favored Northwestern European immigrants
Sig: It was a reaction to the large number of Eastern and Southern European immigrants