22 terms

Describing Change: Present Perfect or Simple Past


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It got bigger.
Two years ago, the plant was small. Last year, it was big. (It...)
It has gotten bigger.
Before, the plant was small. Now, it is big. (It...)
He got taller.
Two years ago, he was short. Last year, he was tall. (He...)
It has gotten better.
Before, it was bad. Now, it is good. (It...)
It got better.
Two years ago, the food was bad. Last year, it was good. (It...)
They have gotten lazier.
Before, people were active. Now, they are lazy.
They have gotten more expensive.
Before, houses were cheap. Now, they are expensive. (They...)
They got more expensive.
Two years ago, houses were cheap. Last year, they were expensive. (They...)
The price went up.
(or: The price increased.)
Two years ago, the price was low. Last year, it was high. (The price...)
The price has gone down.
(or: The price has decreased.)
Before, the price was high. Now, it is low. (The price...)
The price went down.
(or: The price decreased.)
Two years ago, the price was high. Last year, it was low. (The price...)
He has gained weight.
Before, his weight was low. Now, his weight is high. (He...)
Her grades have gotten worse.
Before, her grades were good. Now, her grades are bad. (Her grades...)
It has gotten smaller.
Before, the phone was big. Now, it is small. (It...)
He has gotten taller.
Before, he was short. Now, he is tall. (He...)
They got lazier.
Two years ago, people were active. Last year, they were lazy.
The price has gone up.
(or: The price has increased.)
The price was low. Now, it is high. (The price...)
He gained weight.
Two years ago, his weight was low. Last year, his weight was high. (He...)
Her grades got worse.
Two years ago, her grades were good. Last year, her grades were bad. (Her grades...)
It got smaller.
Two years ago, the phone was big. Last year, it was small. (It...)
They got more interesting.
Two years ago, the lectures were boring. Last year, they were interesting. (They...)
They have gotten more interesting.
Before, the lectures were boring. Now, they are interesting. (They...)