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  1. subservient
  2. ignoble
  3. hypothetical
  4. dissipate
  5. intemperate
  1. a (adj.) immoderate, lacking in self-control; inclement
  2. b (adj.) subordinate in capacity or role; submissively obedient; serving to promote some end
  3. c (adj.) mean, low, base
  4. d (adj.) based on an assumption or guess; used as a provisional or tentative idea to guide or direct investigation
  5. e (v.) to cause to disappear; to scatter, dispel; to spend foolishly, squander; to be extravagant in pursuit of pleasure

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  1. (adj.) fat; having a large, bulky body
  2. (adj.) impartial; calm, free from emotion
  3. (n.) faithlessness, treachery
  4. (v.) to remove objectionable passages or words from a written text; to cleanse, purify
  5. (adj.) inclined to nausea; easily shocked or upset; excessively fastidious or refined

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  1. consternation(n.) dismay, confusion


  2. disavow(n.) disagreement, sharp difference of opinion


  3. relegate(v.) to place in a lower position; to assign, refer, turn over; to banish


  4. acrimonious(n.) hatred, contempt; disgrace or infamy resulting from hateful conduct


  5. odium(adj.) resembling a cow or ox; sluggish, unresponsive