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3P051 V4 Review Exercise


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Which principle of war is the most effective and decisive way to attain a clearly defined objective and is the means by which a military force seizes and holds the initiative while maintaining freedom of action and achieving decisive results?
Which of the following results from the measures taken by commanders to protect their forces?
What is achieved by the balanced employment of firepower and patrolling?
Aggressive Defense
A force can dominate an area, place direct or indirect fire on critical resources by capturing what?
Key Terrain
After teh threat has been neutralized, which integrated defense effect is implemented to consolidate and reorganize friendly forces and restore operations?
Which force is the Air Force enterprise leader for integrated defense operations?
Security Forces
Which agency will the base defense operations center up-channel COVERED WAGON reportable incidents through?
Installation command post
The jettisoning of a nuclear weapon on nuclear component is an example of a what?
nuclear weapons accident
Personnel assigned to the Priority III routine category should be evacuated within how many hours?
What may be the most dangerous type of improvised explosive devise?
Who directs US forces to respond rapidly to certain crises either unilaterally or as a part of an integency and/or multinational effort?
President or Secretary of Defense
Which operation is principally conducted to evacuate US citizens?
Noncombatant evacuation
Which operation may be clandestine, covert, or overt depending on whether the operational environment is hostile, uncertain, or permissive?
Which intelligence collection often may provide the most useful source of information?
Force protection measures will be planned according with what?
Risks to the force
Which type of attack may involve an insider threat?
Penetration attack
Which agency is the lead for terrorist incidents that occur outside the US?
Department of State
The tactic terrorist groups use most commonly
Active terrorist groups are organized into cells that can be as small as 2 people or as large as what?
Which individuals/groups promote their cause by any means and are ideologically inspired?
What threat level assessment indicates anti-US terrorists are operationally active and use large casualty-producing attacks as their preferred method of operations?
The key distinction between an insurgency and other types of movements is the decision to use ???
Violence to achieve political goals
COIN operations require leaders to exhibit what three qualities?
Patience, persistence, and presence.
To avoid detection by the government, how will insurgents operate?
In small bands
Which agency was created by a formal agreement between two or more governments?
Intergovernmental organization
Which agency is the most notable intergovernmental organization?
The United Nations
Aerial ports of debarkation, border crossings, and seaports of debarkation are all examples of key what?
Sovereignty issues